Rathalos ready to fight the hunters in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World – Official Game Guide

Monster Hunter World – Official Game Guide

Disclaimer – This page will be constantly updated with new guides and content over time.

Everything you need to know about Monster Hunter: World from the Gaming Instincts team!

Monster Hunter: World is the latest edition of the Monster Hunter franchise by Capcom. We have been compiling a list of all of our coverage for the game from pre-release to future content in this list, from monster guides to editorials.

As we continue our coverage of the game, we will constantly be updating this page for easy reference to the information that you need so be sure to check back frequently, updates will be coming out weekly so don’t miss out! This content has been recorded from both the PS4 Pro and Xbox One consoles, with PC to come once the port has been released.

Monster Hunter World – How to Slay Series

Our series of guides on taking down the various monsters along the hunter’s journey.

Equipment Guides

Guides on how to obtain tough to find or essential items.

Monster Hunter World – Single Player Campaign Playthrough

Our playthrough of the single-player campaign on Xbox One.

Monster Hunter World Review

Pre-Release Coverage

All of our coverage from pre-launch of Monster Hunter World.

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