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Monster Hunter World: Killing Anjanath – Tips and Tricks

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Monster Hunter World: Killing Anjanath – Tips and Tricks

The final Monster Hunter World Beta has ended, and hunters all over the world were able to take a swing at some of the new monsters the game has to offer. One in particular, the Anjanath, stood out in the beta as one of these new encounters. Players were able to try out this new fight and attempt to take down the massive creature. With the intimidating look of a winged T-Rex and the ability to breathe fire, this massive lizard is no joke to take on. Here are a few tips and tricks to give hunters an edge when they fight against Anjanath.

1: Fire Resistance

Stacking fire resistance armor is highly recommended for this fight. Anjanath has two methods of dealing fire damage. First, you’ll see a smaller singeing attack. Then, watch for Anjanath’s mouth to spit out sparks. Once this begins, the monster will lower his head and swing it back and forth, burning anyone who happens to be near its head.

Second, there will be a blast of fire in a straight line in front of the monster. The hunter will notice Anjanath’s mouth begin to flame a bit more aggressively than the first attack. The monster will lean back and move forward, breathing a massive flamethrower-like stream of fire directly in front of itself. Both attacks are easily avoidable if the hunter stays on either side of the monster, but having a healthy stack of fire resist armor to help block some of that damage is worthwhile in case the hunter is struck.

2: Attack From The Sides

Anjanath does damage to hunters mainly from the monster’s front and back. From the front, the monster will bite, charge and breathe fire at the hunter. From the back, the monster will try to attack with a tail swipe or a backwards kick. While attacking the monster’s sides doesn’t deal much damage, it is the safest place for the hunter to avoid damage.

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3: Weak Points

The Anjanath has two major weak points on its body: its head and its tail. Anjanath has a crown on the upper part of his nose that runs to his forehead, which, when attacked, will contribute heavy damage numbers. This crown can also be broken off for additional monster parts to be used in armor sets. The tail is also a weak point, and when attacked enough by a weapon that does slashing damage, it can eventually be severed. This will deal huge damage to Anjanath, as well as give the hunter a tail carve, which also provides extra crafting materials.

4: Elemental Weakness

Anjanath is a fire-based elemental monster, so naturally it has a weakness to water and ice-based elemental weapons and attacks. Try to find a weapon that emits either of these types of elemental damage to maximize your attacks. Anjanath also has a higher weakness to poison, sleep, paralysis and stun ailments, so bringing items or weapons along that can inflict these status effects are highly recommended for a successful hunt.

Monster Hunter World – How to Kill Series: Anjanath

Hopefully these tips and tricks will give new and old hunters the edge they need to successfully take down the ferocious Anjanath. Don’t forget to check out the companion video to this article to see some of these tips in action.

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