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Monster Hunter World: How to Slay Kushala Daora – Tips and Tricks

Monster Hunter World: How to Slay Kushala Daora – Tips and Tricks

After fighting through the horde of giant beasts and ferocious foes in Monster Hunter World, hunters will face their final test against the elder dragons. These monsters are extremely powerful creatures, each with a set of their own unique mechanics that will push hunters to bring out all the tricks in their arsenal. Kushala Daora, known as the Dragon of Steel, is found residing at the very top of the Elders Recess. This monster’s metallic skin is difficult to penetrate, and its control over the wind itself will send hunters flying in battle. Here are some tips and tricks on taking down this master of the skies.

1 – Daora’s Defenses

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Being an Elder Dragon, Kushala Daora is entirely immune to all traps, making capturing this monster impossible, so ditch those shock traps and pitfalls at the camp. The monster also has extremely hard skin, so make sure to bring a high-sharpness weapon along to the battle to penetrate its outer layer. Kushala Daora’s main mechanic is that it has control over the wind for both offensive and defensive uses. The monster will create a wind aura around its body when enraged that will blow away hunters that get too close to its body. The wind resistance skill does not have any resistance against this aura, but stacking some knock-back skill armor or charms will help hunters get back to their feet faster.

2 – Wind Attacks

Kushala Daora will also use its control over the wind to muster mighty gusts to attack its opponent in several ways. First, the monster will bring its head back, taking in a deep breath before lunging its head forward and firing a cyclone of air in front of it. This attack will travel across the map in a straight line, so avoid this attack by either getting behind the monster or running out of the line of fire to get as much distance away from it as possible. Even if not directly hit, if the hunter is too close, they will still be tripped up by the wind pressure.

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Second, and probably Kushala Daora’s most devastating attack, the monster will take off from the ground while spinning in a circle quickly. This will create a tornado on the map that will stay in place for an extended amount of time, creating an extra obstacle for hunters, as well as a hiding spot for the monster. If the hunter is caught inside of it, or wanders too close, it will cause decent damage as well as a pretty severe knock-back.

Kushala’s big hitting physical attack is its dive bomb that can be chained together numerous times. While in the air, the monster will lean back for a brief moment before diving straight for its target. It will either land on its feet or take back off into the air for a second round. Watch the monster’s trajectory and dive to the left or right to clear as much distance as possible from its path. This monster is very fast so always be ready to roll.

3 – Weaknesses

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Kushala Daora has three weak points: its head, front legs, and tail can all take damage from green sharpness weapons. Its tail can also be cut off. The monster is also very weak to the thunder element and takes medium-level damage from dragon, but it is completely immune to both the water and ice elements. While traps are completely useless on Elder Dragons, it does take damage from both the poison and blast ailments. Having some barrel or poison bombs to bring into battle will help you get some extra damage on the monster.

Fighting Elder Dragons is no walk in the park. Kushala Daora is very fast and always in complete control of its environment. Take your time during this fight and learn the monster’s various patterns. Eventually you will be wearing down Daora like a pro.

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