Monster Hunter World: How to Slay Lavasioth – Tips and Tricks

Monster Hunter World: How to Slay Lavasioth – Tips and Tricks

In the molten depths of the Elder’s Recess, Lavasioth patrols the magma pools. This monster is right at home within extreme environments and knows how to use them to its advantage while attacking its prey or defending itself. These conditions are tough on the average hunter, so gulp down that cool drink and take a look at our tips and tricks on how to take down this piscine wyvern.

1 – Molten Armor

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Much like its cousin Jyuratodus, Lavasioth uses the environment it lives in to defend itself. While the monster is swimming in the magma pools, it is collecting it on its body. When it comes to surface, the monster will be glowing red, showing that the magma is still hot. During this stage, attack the monster as much as possible for full damage. Over time, the glow will dissipate and the magma will begin to cool down and harden, creating an extremely tough layer of rock armor on the monster that will cause almost any attack to bounce off. This armor layer is not breakable, so wait for the monster to dive back into the lava again where it will heat up once more to soften and allow full damage blows.

2 – Attacks and Patterns

Lavasioth has two stages of attack: one when it is moving in the lava pools and one when it’s above ground. While the monster is submerged, it has two big attacks to watch out for. The monster will pop its head out of the ground and fire two balls of magma directly in front of it, one at short range and one at long range. Being hit by these can cause burning and knockback, so dodge to the left or right of where the monster is facing to avoid the line of fire. Next, the monster will begin to swim around underneath the ground, which can be tracked by a red trail left above ground. The monster will burst out of the ground and dive back down, throwing globs of lava up in the air that will rain down around the area of breach. Try to keep an eye on the trajectory of the falling magma and dodge out of the way quickly to avoid damage. After a few breaches, the monster will wind up above land, glowing red, a perfect time to attack for normal damage.

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While on land, the monster has a huge tail whip that covers a large distance due to the monster’s size. It also has a basic charge, rushing its target in an attempt to trample and cause knockback. The monster can also shoot one large blast of magma while above ground directly in front of it, so be sure to dodge out of the way when you see it lean back to fire. To avoid the monster’s above-ground attacks, stay close to its legs and chest to the side of the monster. This will keep the hunter out of damage areas while keeping them in a safe spot to deal damage themselves.

3 – Weaknesses

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The two major weak points on Lavasioth are its head and chest, both of which can be broken once enough damage is applied. The majority of its body is coated in its heavy armor, so if the monster is not glowing hot, attacks will bounce off. The monster is, however, extremely weak to water elemental damage, which can damage the monster while it is hardened as well. It is completely immune to thunder and ice elemental damage while hardened, and immune to fire elemental damage while glowing. Lavasioth is highly susceptible to the poison ailment, so bringing along a poison weapon or poison bomb to do some serious damage-over-time will help wear down this monster quick.

While Lavasioth is somewhat of a reskin of the Jyuratodas, the changes in its environmental and armor mechanics are enough to make the fight feel fresh and different. This fight is also very good practice for hunters learning to navigate extreme environments in Monster Hunter World. Hopefully these tips and tricks will have hunters bringing down this fiery leviathan in no time.

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