Monster Hunter World: How to Slay Dodogama – Tips and Tricks

Monster Hunter World: How to Slay Dodogama – Tips and Tricks

In the last stages of Monster Hunter World, players will begin exploring the Elder’s Recess. This area is carved out of ancient crystal structures and home to strange and powerful new monsters. The first that hunters will encounter is the Dodogama. This giant frog-like monster prefers the warmer caverns of the area and uses its environment against its opponent. Lets take a look at some tips and tricks on tackling this giant-jawed, fanged wyvern.

1 – Fire and Blastblight


Dodogama’s massive lower jaw isn’t just to highlight its good looks. This monster has a unique mechanic in which it will swallow up rocks around the map and store them in its lower jaw. The rocks will mix with the monster’s saliva and become molten, which the monster can spit out of its mouth at its target. If hit by these attacks, the hunter will first take fire damage and be lit on fire, causing damage over time. If hit by enough of these molten attacks, the hunter will contract blastblight, which will cause the hunter to explode after a certain amount of time and take a big chunk of damage. To get rid of both of these status effects, perform a series of rolls, one after another, until you notice the status symbol above the hunter’s health bar go away. After the monster has gathered rocks in its mouth, start attacking its lower jaw; if it takes enough damage, the rocks will explode before it has a chance to spit it out and knock the monster prone.

2 – Basic Attacks

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While being a smaller monster in size, Dodogama is very heavy and uses its weight to attack. Dodogama has a basic charge attack in which it will run at its opponent for a short distance, causing knockback and blunt damage when it connects. Dodge out of the way like any other charge to the left or right of the direction the monster is charging. Next, watch for Dodogama to get up on its hind legs before falling down on its belly, trying to crush the hunter beneath it. When the monster is up, dodge behind it to get near its tail to avoid the damage area and remain close enough to do a bit of damage before it finishes its attack. Lastly, Dodogama will lean off the ground to one side and then roll sideways toward its target. Get to the very front or back of the monster, out of the way of the roll, to avoid damage zones and knockback from this attack.

3 – Weaknesses

Dodogama’s two main weak points are its large jaw and head, which are breakable, and its tail, which can be severed. Remember to attack the monster’s jaw after it has collected rocks to get the bonus explosive damage to its head. Dodogama is highly weak to thunder and takes medium damage to both ice and water elemental damage, but has an immunity to all fire based attacks. The monster is very susceptible to the poison ailment, so bring along a poison weapon or poison bombs to get in some powerful damage over time.

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Dodogama is the weaker of the monsters found in Elder’s Recess, but farming this monster for its weapons is well worthwhile for the blastblight effect that they inflict on monsters. Hopefully these tips and tricks will help hunters everywhere take down this fanged wyvern in no time.

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