Monster Hunter World: Slaying Jyuratodus – Tips and Tricks

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Monster Hunter World: Slaying Jyuratodus – Tips and Tricks

The Wildspire Wastes environment of Monster Hunter World might have the most diverse set of biomes in the game. While the majority of the map is a desert there is also a small forest, a series of caves underneath and a swamp area. These distinct areas throughout the environment allow for many diverse monsters to spawn here. Below the marsh in the mud pools hunters will find the Jyuratodus, a large piscine wyvern that hits hard and swims fast. Here are some tips and tricks to help take this big fish down.

1 – Navigating Jyuratodus

Jyuratodus is not a very quick monster on foot but has a quick swim speed which can put the hunter at a disadvantage while in deep water or muddy areas. The monster will use its environment to its advantage as often as it can to deal out heavy attacks, so staying up on high ground when possible to avoid being slowed down by the water based environments will help the hunter maintain their speed to avoid incoming attacks. While Jyuratodus is moving around these environments it will kick up a trail of ground behind it elevated above the mud. Take advantage of these as much as possible to close the distance and avoid being bogged down.

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2 – Attack Patterns

Jyuratodus has three big attacks to watch out for, but are pretty easy to read. First, watch for the monster to straighten its body and back off slightly. The monster will then charge forward in a straight line wiggling its body back and forth in a charge attack that can cause knockback. Dodging to the left or the right of the monster will easily clear the distance from this attack.

Second, Jyuratodus will sit straight up in the air on its tail revealing its chest and then spit a series of three mud balls out of its mouth to the right, left and directly in front of it. Being hit by one of these will trip up the hunter in a mud pile and possibly cause waterblight. During this attack, try to stay as close to the monster as possible right next to its chest. This attack will not be able to hit the hunter, and allow the opportunity to get in some good damage before the attack is finished.

Third, the monster will dive underneath the mud or water. Watch for bubbles in the water to show where the monster is at the moment. After a moment, the monster will breach the surface momentarily and quickly dive down before exploding out of the ground where its target is, knocking anything it hits up into the air. The best way to avoid this is to keep moving in a direction to the left or right of where the monster is last seen to get out of the spot the monster last believed the hunter to be.

Monster, Hunter, World, Slay, Jyuratodus, Wildpsire, Waste, Bite, Mud, Water

3 – The Mud Mechanic and Waterblight

Similar to Barroth, Jyuratodus has a mechanic where it covers its body in mud which provides extra defense and causes lower sharpness weapons to bounce off. Hunters can break off the mud layer by attacking the covered parts, exposing the skin underneath and allowing for bigger damage.

The monster also will spit up mud balls at the hunter and leave piles of mud around it when attacking which will trip up the hunter if caught in one, causing them to not be able to attack until they have escaped. If hit directly by one of the mud balls that Jyuratodus spits out, it can cause waterblight.

Waterblight is a status ailment that will cause stamina to regenerate very slow which is a huge disadvantage when fighting in a water environment that already slows the hunter down a lot. Having a stack of nulberries on hand is useful for removing this status ailment.

4 – Weaknesses

Monster, Hunter, World, Jyuratodus, Weakness, Breakable, Elements, Ailments, Weak, Spots

Jyuratodus has two major weak points on its body, its head and tail. While the tail cannot be cut off, it can be broken like the rest of its body. Having a blunt weapon such as a hammer or hunting horn is very useful for breaking body parts and knocking off mud on the monster quickly, and due to the monster being especially vulnerable to the stun ailment prove useful as well.

While covered in mud, the Jyuratodus is very weak to water elemental damage and invulnerable to both thunder and fire damage. Once the mud is knocked off, these elemental effects switch and the monster becomes resistant to water damage and takes light damage from fire and a ton of damage from thunder elemental attacks.

While not a very difficult battle this monster is good practice for any hunter to learn how to deal with environmental restraints during battles and dealing with status effects on the fly. The armor set that comes from this monster is also well worth the grind early on in the game. Hopefully these tips and tricks will prove helpful in taking this monster down.

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