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Monster Hunter World: Kulve Taroth Siege – Tips and Tricks

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Monster Hunter World: Kulve Taroth Siege – Tips and Tricks

Title update 3.0 has arrived for Monster Hunter World, and with it brand new content for hunters to dive into. Kulve Taroth has arrived within a new area, The Caverns of El Dorado. Much like the Zorah Magdaros questline in the main story of the game, this encounter is a siege quest in which hunters will have various objectives throughout the encounter, and not actually kill the monster. This hunt has several steps to set up and complete and is only here for a limited time, so here is a guide on how to go through the steps on taking down this gold-plated elder dragon.

The Siege

Once the event goes live, the tracks of Kulve Taroth will begin to appear during expeditions and optional quests throughout all of the areas of the world. Once you collect these parts, head back to the town, where the expedition commander will be waiting. Talking to him will trigger a cut scene that explains the elder dragon’s habits, and the quest will then be available within the gathering hub.

Monster, hunter, world, kulve, taroth, gold, horns, shine, cavern, siege

The main objective of the siege is to break off Kulve Taroth’s massive horns. Throughout the hunt, the gold plates covering the monster can be broken off, which will complete objectives for the party, adding more time to the clock before the monster either escapes, or the main objective is completed. The quest takes place in four unique areas. The first is a canyon lined with cannons that can be fired at the monster, and loose rocks on the ceiling that can be knocked down onto the monster with ranged weapons. The next three stages are inside different arenas, where hunters will be attacking the elder dragon up close and personal. The first area is a standard cavern, the second is a cave filled with lava, and the third is an arena covered in gold that, when heated up, will begin to drip molten gold onto hunters.

Monster, hunter, world, kulve, taroth, siege, horns, gold, cavern, claws,

The most unique mechanic of this quest is that all hunters within the current online lobby are able to participate in the hunt at once. Each team of four will be within their own instance during the hunt, but every time another team completes an objective it is shared between all the teams currently doing the quest. When an objective is completed or research points are gathered, the reward level of the quest will increase lobby-wide until the hunt is finally completed by one of the teams of four. Once completed, hunters can collect their rewards that increase in rarity and amount depending on that level. The quest will then reset the reward level, and the lobby can begin the quest again. If the monster does get away from one group during the siege, the group maintains the level of the fight they were at when the quest ended. The higher the level of the quest, the more time the group will have to complete the quest.

Attacks and Weaknesses

Kulve Taroth has several basic attacks to watch out for while facing off with the monster at ground level. The monster will breath fire at the area in front of it that will heat up the ground, leaving molten areas that hunters will have to avoid. This attack will also cause fireblight and knockback if a hunter is directly hit by the attack. Kulve will also attack with its massive tail, swinging it in a wide arc and knocking down anything in its path. Very difficult to avoid due to its length. It will also attack using its front claws, swiping at targets in front of it and causing a huge knockback if it lands. The last thing to watch for is Kulve Taroth’s rolling attack. The monster will lean up on one side and then do a full roll on top of any target behind it. While attacking the monster on the ground, always be ready to run away from the monster to avoid its large range. If using a weapon such as the insect glaive that can launch the hunter into the air easily, staying near its chest area is a safe spot to attack, allowing the hunter to jump over the monster and avoid the roll.

monster, hunter, world, kulve, taroth, weaknesses, ailments, elements, breakable

Kulve Taroth has weaknesses based on whether the area being attacked is still covered in gold or not. Thunder elemental damage will do the most to a coated area, while ice will do the most damage in areas that are exposed. Dragon elemental damage will do medium-level damage to areas exposed and minimum damage to areas covered. The monster can also be affected a minimal amount by all status ailments across the board.

Capcom has done a very good job of bringing a fresh feeling to the game with this event, switching up the standard hunting quests to a lobby wide raid. Be sure to farm this quest as much as possible during the time it’s available, even though it will return in the future, the armor sets do require a large amount of materials to craft, so it will take a few runs to collect everything needed. Hopefully this guide will help hunters crack down on this golden elder dragon.

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