Monster Hunter World: How to Slay Uragaan – Tips and Tricks

Monster Hunter World: How to Slay Uragaan – Tips and Tricks

In the crystal molded caverns of the Elder’s Recess, hunters can find the gigantic brute wyvern, Uragaan. This monster uses its size to its advantage in battle and can stop enemies in their tracks with a powerful sleep gas. This monster is much faster than it looks, so let’s take a look at some tips and tricks on what to expect during this hunt.

1 – Explosions and Sleep

Uragaan has two unique defense mechanisms that keep its enemies on their toes. First, during the battle the monster will shake off explosive boulders from its body. These glowing red orbs will sit on the ground until agitated, where they will begin to burn bright and explode after a few moments. Being hit by the discharge will cause knock-back, blast damage, and light its foe on fire. Try to ignite the boulders at a safe distance with a projectile weapon or slinger ammunition to clear out the area before going in to attack. When one explodes, it will agitate other nearby boulders, causing a chain reaction that will take a majority of them out quickly.

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Second, Uragaan can emit gas that will put anything around it to sleep. Watch for the monster to slowly take in a deep breath while rising up to indicate this attack. It will then flop down on its stomach and spray out the cloud from its sides in a ring around itself. When caught in the cloud, the hunter will begin to stagger and then drop to the ground, asleep.

Uragaan’s massive size can be a bit overwhelming when combined with its impressive speed while rolling around the map. This fight is more of a marathon than a sprint.

This takes a bit of time to recover from if the hunter does not have any sleep resistance skills stacked through armor sets or charms. However, the hunter will be woken if hit by another attack from Uragaan, or from being hit by a team member. The best way to avoid this all together is to move away from the monster when it begins to take its deep breath and wait for the gas to dissipate before returning to the fight. The monster cannot attack while this is occurring, so just wait it out.

2 – Basic Attacks

Much like Radobaan, Uragaan can tuck its chin underneath itself and roll around the map very fast. Once the monster begins to roll around, it will knock anything in its path out of its way and cause some pretty big knock-back damage. It can also chain this attack together several times, so keep an eye on the monster’s location to dodge out of the way before it finally unfolds back to its normal self. While dangerous, these attacks are pretty easy to avoid. When the monster begins its roll, it always rolls in a straight line, so running or dodging out of the way of the monster’s path will avoid the damage zone completely.

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Uragaan also has a massive chin that it uses to attack enemies in front of it. The monster will use its chin to attack in two ways. First, the monster will raise its head up high and then slam the ground in front of it once, or chain it together three times to the left, right and center of the area in front of it. This attack causes major blunt damage and knock-back. If the hunter is too close to the impact, they will be staggered by the aftershock. Avoid this attack by staying near the back area of the monster, near its hind legs. Not only will this be out of the damage area, but here the hunter has plenty of time to deal some damage during the monster’s attack animation.

3 – Weaknesses

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Uragaan is a heavily armored monster, so bringing along a blunt damage weapon such as the hammer (or hunting horn) will help you chip away at the monster’s defenses. The two major weak points on the monster are the top of its head and its chest. The majority of the monster’s body is breakable, and its tail is also severable. The monster is extremely weak to water elemental damage and takes medium-level damage from both ice and dragon-based attacks, but is completely immune to fire elemental damage. Uragaan is also easily afflicted by the poison and stun ailments, so bring along some poison bombs or poisoned weapon to deal some significant damage over time.

Uragaan’s massive size can be a bit overwhelming when combined with its impressive speed while rolling around the map. This fight is more of a marathon than a sprint. Take your time during this battle, the monster is heavily armored and has a ton of health, so chip away at it over time while learning the monster’s attack patterns. Hopefully these tips and tricks will help topple this brute wyvern.

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