Monster Hunter World: How to Slay Teostra – Tips and Tricks

Monster Hunter World: How to Slay Teostra – Tips and Tricks

In the volcanic heart of the Elders Recess, Teostra the Flame King waits patiently for its foes. This elder dragon is very agile both on the ground and in the air, using its agility to dance around hunters while burning them with the flame it wraps around its body. Teostra will keep hunters new and old on their toes during this battle, so here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind while taking it on.

1 – Flame Trail

The first thing to remember about this fight is to bring as much fire resistant equipment along as possible. Teostra has several unique mechanics involving fire. While enraged, the monster covers its entire body in a smoldering flame that will light its enemies on fire while they are close to the monster. While moving around the map, Teostra will shed off sparks from its body that will collect in small piles around it. These will eventually explode, causing blast damage, and some will remain smoldering on the ground, lighting on fire whatever passes through it. Make sure to maintain a healthy amount of map awareness to stay out of these trails as much as possible. While they do not do a terrible amount of damage, the effects can quickly stack up and wear down a hunter.

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Teostra can also breath fire, but unlike most fire elemental monsters, it does not shoot fireballs. It only breaths trails of fire out from its mouth, like a flamethrower. Teostra signals this attack by pulling its head back to the right near its shoulder and then breathing out an arc of flame back and forth in front of it. When this attack is happening, try your best to get near the monster’s sides, away from its head, to avoid the attack’s damage zone.

Teostra’s most devastating attack occurs when the monster is enraged, and the flames around its body are largest. The monster will fly up in the air a few feet and begin to pull sparks toward its body, creating a bright orb around it. After a few moments, the monster will release a massive explosion that fills the area around it. Avoid this attack at all costs. When the monster begins to fly up, run away and get as much distance from the monster as possible to avoid the damage area. This attack can easily one-shot a full health hunter who is not prepared.

2 – Basic Attacks

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Teostra also has a few basic attacks to watch out for. First, the monster has a long range charge. It will rush its opponent from across the map, trampling anything it runs over. Avoiding it is easy enough by moving out of the monster’s forward trajectory to one side or another. Second, the monster has a claw attack where it will briefly raise its front claw into the air and swipe in a short arc in front of it, batting at its intended target. Avoid this by dodging to the right of the monster, toward its stomach, to get close to its sides, away from the front area. Last, Teostra has a tail whip that has a really long distance due to its long tail. Watch for the monster to raise its tail up high in the air. After a few seconds, it will swipe it down to the left and right in an arc behind it. Depending on the hunter’s location in relation to the tail when this attack begins, either dodge toward the monster’s stomach, or away from the monster, out of range of the tail. Teostra is very quick and moves around the map a lot, so stay focused on the direction the monster is going and be prepared to dodge at all times.

3 – Weaknesses

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Teostra is an elder dragon, which means it cannot be trapped or captured, so change out those traps for various bombs to bring into battle. The major weak points on this monster are its head, wings and its tail, which can be severed off. The monster takes heavy damage from both water and ice-based elemental damage, but is completely resistant to all fire elemental attacks. The monster only takes medium-level damage from both the poison and stun ailments, and minimal damage from all other ailments, so bring along weapons that favor base attack power over elemental damage into this encounter.

This is an amazingly well-done encounter within Monster Hunter World with one of the coolest designed monsters in the franchise. Always keep in mind that fights with elder dragons are a marathon, not a sprint. If you wear the monster down over time and stay aware of the environment, you will be claiming the king’s throne in no time.


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