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Monster Hunter World: How To Slay Great Girros – Tips and Tricks

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Monster Hunter World: How To Slay Great Girros – Tips and Tricks

Down in the effluvia engulfed caves of the Rotten Vale, the Great Girros patrols its nesting grounds alongside its pack. This giant lizard moves quickly and attacks frequently with its giant fangs. Though it doesn’t have much for natural armor, it possesses plenty of other self-defense mechanisms that can overwhelm an unknowing hunter, so let’s take a look at some tips and tricks on how to navigate this monster.

1 – Rally The Pack

monster, hunter, world, great, girros, red, bone, rotten, vale

Great Girros is rarely caught alone. This monster usually travels in a pack with the smaller Girros around the Rotten Vale. Once Great Girros is provoked, the hunter will have to deal with the smaller monsters attacking with the alpha. Great Girros and its smaller counterparts all carry paralyzing venom in their fangs that will quickly leave the hunter immobile when bitten. During the fight, make sure to target the smaller monsters first and take them down quickly, so they don’t become overwhelming. Each one will go down with just a couple of hits, and they tend to group up, making it easy to target several at once. When they have all been taken down, Great Girros will eventually let out a large roar that will call in any nearby Girros to join the battle. Repeat targeting the small group first, the quicker they go down the more one-on-one time the hunter will have with Great Girros.

2 – Basic Attacks and Paralysis

Great Girros has very prominent fangs that can be seen sparking from time to time while coated in paralysis venom. While the smaller Girros take a few hits to paralyze the hunter, Great Girros can do it in one. Its main attack is a heavy bite. Before it strikes its target, the monster leans back briefly. Dodge out of the way by rolling to the left or right of the attack and stay close to its sides.

Make sure to stack any paralysis and stun resistant charms available when going into this fight.

monster, hunter, world, great, girros, rotten, vale, gas, effluvia,fangs

Great Girros also has a charge attack that it can chain together multiple times. When at a distance from the monster, it will run directly at its target, biting at the air in front of it. Once again, dodging to the left or right to avoid the charge easily avoids this attack. While the damage can be brutal if the hit lands, the monster’s attacks tend to be in straight lines in front of it, so sticking to the chest and back area of the monster to attack is best.

Make sure to stack any paralysis and stun resistant charms available when going into this fight. Once the hunter is hit enough, they will get thunderblight, which increases the chances of being stunned.

3 – Weaknesses

Great Girros has three major weak points on its body. Its head and front legs, which are both breakable, and its tail which can be severed. The monster is highly weak to the water element and takes medium-level damage from both fire and ice elemental damage. As expected, Great Girros is completely immune to thunder-based damage. The monster is highly susceptible to the sleep ailment as well, so bringing along some tranquilizer bombs to put it out of commission for a few seconds is recommended.

monster, hunter, world, great, girros, weakness, breakable, weakpoint, elements, ailments

Great Girros is a weaker monster on the scale of higher level questing, but its armor set is highly recommended all the way into high rank quests. The armor has a great set of paralysis resistant skills as well as Effluvia Expert which nullifies the buildup of effluvia, highly useful while taking on any monsters in the Rotten Vale. Hopefully these tips and tricks will help get this monster on to farm status quickly.

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