Monster Hunter World: How to Slay Radobaan - Tips and Tricks

Monster Hunter World: How to Slay Radobaan – Tips and Tricks

Monster Hunter World: How to Slay Radobaan – Tips and Tricks

In the upper areas of the Rotten Vale, hunters can find the behemoth brute wyvern Radobaan roaming its hunting grounds. This massive monster can curl its body into a disk and roll around the map, crushing anything in its path. It can also use its large chin as a hammer to attack its target. Radobaan hits hard and can easily stagger its opponent, but its movement is slow due to its size and its attack patterns can be easily learned. Let’s take a look at some tips and tricks on tackling this encounter.

1 – Bone Armor

Radobaan has an interesting mechanic in which it will cover its entire body in bones it finds in piles throughout the Rotten Vale. These bones stick to the tar that covers its body and provide a significant layer of armor to the already tough beast. All of the bones on its body can be broken off if attacked enough. Using a blunt damage weapon, such as the hammer or hunting horn, is the easiest way to break them, hunter, world, radobaan, glaive, bones, armor, rotten vale, yellowWeapons that have aerial attacks, like the long sword and insect glaive, are also very useful to attack the top area of the monster’s back where its armor is weaker. Mounting the monster will also help break off the bones quickly, so make sure to take advantage of jumping attacks in areas where ledges are present. Lower sharpness weapons will bounce off of Radobaan while it’s still covered, so break off the bones as quickly as possible to open areas for larger damage. After the bone armor has been removed and the monster has taken some natural damage it will find a bone pile in one of the areas on the map and dive into it to cover itself again, replacing all of the armor it has lost. The quicker the hunter takes off the armor, the more time they will have to do full damage to the monster before it armors back up.

2 – Basic Attacks and Patterns

There are several basic attacks to watch out for. Most of Radobaan’s attacks are slow, due to the monster’s massive size, but they do a ton of damage. Radobaan will use his large chin to attack its target in two ways. First, watch for the monster to lean back, pulling its head to the right. It will then lunge forward, dragging its chin along the ground in front of it to the left and then turn it around to the right. The monster covers a lot of area in an ark around the front of it during this attack so try to dodge toward the monster’s body and get away from its head. Second, Radobaan will lift its head high up in the air and smash its chin down to the ground. Getting hit by this attack will result in a ton of damage and cause significant knockback to the hunter. Dodge as far away from the monster as possible before its chin hits the ground. If still too close to the attack, an aftershock will stagger the hunter for a few seconds giving the monster time for a follow-up attack. Radobaan has a huge tail swipe that covers a 360 degree area around it. The monster will move forward, leading with one of its sides, and then whip its tail around in a full circle while moving forward from where it began the attack.

3 – Rolling Attacks

Radobaan’s unique shape allows it to tuck its body into a disk shape where it can then roll around the map at a surprising speed. There are three ways the monster uses this attack, two vertically and one horizontally. First, watch for Radobaan to stand up on its hind legs, lifting its whole body back before it lunges forward, rolling head first in a straight line in front of it. This is the basic version of this attack, and dodging to the left or right of where the monster is facing will clear the distance from the wheel of, hunter, world, Rotten, vale, radobaan, glaive, stone, boneSecond, Radobaan will again roll up into a vertical disk and roll across the map. The monster will then stop mid roll, maintain its shape while lining itself up with its target, and then roll forward at a much faster speed at its target. This attack is a bit tricky to judge. As soon as the monster pauses briefly to line up with its target, run and dodge out of the way of the attack area. It’s much faster than any of its other attacks, so be prepared. Last, Radobaan will tuck into a disk shape, this time horizontally, and fling itself across the map, spinning and knocking back anything in its path. This attack is tricky to dodge due to the wide range it has, so clear out of the line of fire to avoid taking damage. Once this attack is completed, the monster will remain on its side for a few seconds while it attempts to get itself back on its feet. This is a great time to run up to Radobaan and get in some free damage while it is incapacitated, so be ready for the follow up.

4 – Weaknesses

monster, hunter, world, radobaan, breakable, weakness, elements, ailmentsRadobaan’s two major weak points are its head and its front legs. All the areas on its body are breakable and its tail can be severed. Cutting the tail is highly recommended to help cut down on the huge range of the monster’s tail swipe attack. The monster takes massive amounts of damage from the dragon element, and a decent amount of damage from ice as well. The blast ailment is also highly effective and is super useful for quickly breaking off the monster’s bone armor. The paralysis ailment can be used very effectively on this monster as well, so having shock traps or a thunder elemental weapon can provide a good leg up for the hunter while the monster is paralyzed. Monster Hunter World really outdid itself on the design of this monster. The bones it covers itself in look mismatched and out of place in a really unique way and make it feel believable. This fight is a lot of fun and good practice for hunters taking down large monsters. The Radobaan armor set is also useful to farm, as it stays useful all the way up to the first level of high-rank hunting quests. Hopefully these tips and tricks will help hunters topple this mountain of a brute wyvern.

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