About Us

Leonid Melikhov – Founder of Gaming Instincts

Hello everyone. My name is Leo and I am the proud  founder of Gaming Instincts. I’ve been working in the Gaming Industry for over 6 years.  However, in my recent times I have decided to go and create a new path for myself and that path was called Gaming Instincts. 

I love many different types of games genres including FPS, RTS, TPS, MMOs, Arcade Racers and many more. One of my current favorite developers are From Software the creators of the Soulsborne titles. My friends also think that I am crazy because I love trophy and achievement hunting on my PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. I always strive to obtain 100% completion including DLC on some of the hardest games that are out in the market. Most notable and proud 100%s are Evolve, Battleborn, Overwatch, and both of the Evil Within titles. 

Over the course of my 6 year career I had the pleasure to speak to some of the biggest publishers and developers in the world including 343 Industries, Turn 10, Rare, Lionhead Studios (before they went under), Naughty Dog, Ready at Dawn, Bungie, Activision, EA, Epic and the list goes on.

What does the future hold for me here at Gaming Instincts? Only time will tell.

Jonathan Rivera – Sound & Video Enthusiast, Editor and Retro Historian

His title says it all. Jon Rivera started his venture at gaming instincts as an assistant editor, and later demonstrated his talents in video and sound editing and quickly found his calling at Gaming Instincts, Jon is a passsionate of all things retro gaming, his vast knowledge of the subject is at the lifeblood of all things retro at gaming instincts and it is sure to please anybody who reads his articles.

Tristan Reyes – Content Writer and Video Editor

A writer and video editor at heart, he’s always seeking for some excitement and fun in the gaming industry. As a graduate from the University of North Florida with degree in Science and Communication, he believes that he can provide the world with the most interesting information in the gaming world while keeping people entertained.

Chris Wheatley – News Editor and Writer

A freelance Games Journalist and an avid gamer, he’ll put together an article to keep the reader engaged, informed and moderately happy for a solid 4 minutes. That my friend, is no easy feat.