About Us

Leonid Melikhov - Founder of Gaming Instincts

A man of many hats in a variety of different fields – including 3D art, Real Estate, Social Media Management, Marketing and content creation. both in written and video formats. Enjoy working with like-minded people, and always striving for a good challenge and success. 

Sam Lee - Audio Narrator and Content Writer

The voice behind every video, Sam is responsible for narrating everything Gaming Instincts produces, and, yes, he pronounces things wrong occasionally. When not wracking his vocal chords over foreign Elvish words, Sam can be found writing up his next piece or relaxing with a game with a good story.

Devin Rardin - Editor and Content Writer

Originally a feature writer, Devin eventually became the editor of Gaming Instincts in 2022. As he adds commas and deletes “very,” he’ll also provide content for the site and scripts for its YouTube channel. After a long day at work, Devin enjoys exploring the compelling stories of linear adventure games or continuing his lifelong pursuit of watching One Piece.