Leonid Melikhov – Founder of Gaming Instincts and Trophy Hunter Extraordinaire

A primal beast and a legend among men. The person that started it all, if it weren’t for him, Gaming Instincts wouldn’t have come into existence. This ferocious beast worked in the Gaming Industry for over three years and decided to begin his true primal journey here. A very experienced Dark Souls/Bloodborne player, trophy/achievement hunter, professional game critique and hardcore gamer at heart. This aggressive beast has conducted over 40 interviews with some of the biggest studios in the world such as 343 Industries, Turn 10, Rare, Lionhead Studios, Naughty Dog, Ready at Dawn, Bungie, Activision, EA, Epic and many more. Does this man have what it takes to embrace gaming’s most powerful and epic experiences in the future? Only Gaming Instincts will unfold his mysterious journey.

Jonathan Rivera – Sound & Video enthusiast, Editor and Retro Historian

His title says it all, Jon Rivera started his venture at gaming instincts as an assistant editor, and later demonstrated his talents in video and sound editing and quickly found his calling at Gaming Instincts, Jon is a passionate of all things retro gaming, his vast knowledge of the subject is at the lifeblood of all things retro at Gaming Instincts and it is sure to please anybody who reads his articles! 

Luis Valbuena – Editor in Chief and Blind Nintendo Fanboy

Luis was brought in by the founder of Gaming Instincts Leonid Melikhov to be a part of his venture towards gaming journalism, at first Luis didn’t know what to make of it, however, as time went on, he started seeing an immense potential in the website and the content that it was producing and fully decided to post and edit news for the site, keeping it updated with content along with his team of associate editors and they are rocking it!

Luke Kenney – Video Producer and Associate Author

Hailing from a Colorado town of 900 people, Luke was a small town kid with big dreams. When he was 4, he played his first video game; Doom 93’, and he was hooked from that point on. After setting out on his adventures from home, Luke worked in the radio industry as an engineer and producer for 7 years, and worked on the tour circuit for some of the biggest bands touring today. His true passion, however, always lead him back to video production and the gaming industry. Now, this avid Monster Hunter enthusiast has one motto, “The bigger they are, the harder they fall”.

Lucian Davidson – Assosicate Author

Self-proclaimed flayer of minds and a fan of all things nerd culture. While enjoying the fun commodities video gaming can bring, delving outside the realm of virtual space is a favorite treat. Enjoying that of tactics-based games, virtual or physical, and an aficionado of story. Most time is spent within the realm of Blizzard Entertainment and Wizards of the Coast. Currently, the pursuit in story-telling through any media is what drives my writing.

Justin Howard – Video Producer and Associate Author

A college student with a love for all that goes beep boop, and making the heads of orcs roll. Hunter of free swag at conventions and ultimate enemy of long demo lines.

Manuel Alvarez – Associate Author – Final Fantasy XIV Veteran

Manuel Alvarez, a budding writer and the Leroy Jenkins of Final Fantasy XIV, he decided to join the Gaming Instincts team to contribute to the news portion of the website, from humble beginnings, Manuel is currently a graphic designer working for the industry, but his burning passion for gaming and opportunities made him enter the world of game journalism and like everybody else in the team, he is eager to see where it will lead him in the future!


Paúl Ordóñez – Associate Author – Gaming Instinct’s Teddy Bear

The Freddy Fazbear of Gaming Instincts, Paul was brought in by the editor in chief Luis to contribute with the news portion of the website along with Manuel, and together, they are bringing the daily news and content relevant to gaming for the viewers to enjoy. Paul is an avid Monster Hunter Fan, and an insanely committed gamer with lots of great insights and very open minded about new forms of games as well.

Kevin Alvarez – Feature editor and revieweR

I love all games that challenge my skills but also the ones that immerse you in their storylines. I am an avid Transformer collector and comic book fan. My greatest strength is being able to help and lend a critical eye to game reviews. To become a great writer is my goal and become an industry vet with tons of backgrounds knowledge.



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