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Monster Hunter World How to Slay Great Jagras
Monster Hunter World How to Slay Great Jagras

Monster Hunter World: Slaying Great Jagras – Tips and Tricks

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Monster Hunter World: Slaying Great Jagras – Tips and Tricks

Monster Hunter World is full of ferocious beasts and challenging battles that even the most experienced hunters may have trouble with if not properly prepared. However, the game does a fantastic job of leading players in the right direction right off the bat, and it all begins with the Great Jagras. Let’s take a look at some tips and tricks to help brand new hunters with their first big hunt.

1: Basic Attacks

Great Jagras is a non hostile monster that will not attack the hunter until provoked, but once the first hit has connected, the fight is on. The monster has a simple attack set that is relatively easy to read once a hunter has gone up against it once or twice. While standing in front of the monster, watch for the Jagras to pull back slightly and lift up its right arm. This indicates that the monster is about to lunch forward to close some distance and swipe at the hunter with its claws. Dodging out of the way to the left or right allows the hunter to avoid damage easily .

In a similar fashion, the monster will pull back again, this time more prominently with its head and lunch forward for a biting headbutt attack. Once again, dodging to either side is more than enough to get out of the way.

While attacking the monster from behind, watch for Jagras to look backward toward the hunter and swish its tail back and forth. Dodging backward away from the tail will put enough distance between the monster and the hunter to avoid any damage or knockback from this attack.


2: Hungry Hungry Jagras

Great Jagras, Monster, Hunter, World, Palico, Eating, Ancient, Forest

Great Jagras has an interesting mechanic that was designed to mimic reptiles in the real world. While roaming around Great Jagras hunts small monsters, usually the herbivores. Once the monster has caught its prey, it will swallow the small monster whole. This will greatly increase the size of Great Jagras and cause the monster to change up its attack patterns and hit harder.

First, the monster will often use a charge attack where it leans back slightly and runs forward in a straight line, causing damage and knockback to the hunter. Dodging to the left or right out of the way is an easy way to avoid the attack like the others, but make sure to dodge at least twice to cover more distance due to the monsters hitbox being much larger than it was before..

Second, watch for Jagras to roll towards its back slightly to the left or right. This signals that the monster is about to roll over towards its stomach to attempt to crush the hunter. Dodging towards the head or the tail area of the monster is the easiest way to avoid the hit. Once the monster has taken enough damage, it will eventually shrink back down to normal size.

3: Weakness

Great, Jagras, Monster, Hunter, World, Hunters, Log, Weakness, Breakable, Elements, Ailments

The main weak areas on the Great Jagras are his head, front legs and chest, all of which can be broken. Using a blunt or slashing damage type weapon does not seem to have much effect on how quickly parts can be broken, so keeping a steady stream of damage to these areas while attacking will quickly wear down the monster.

Great Jagras is very weak to fire, thunder, and ice based elemental attacks and is very weak against all types of ailments in the game. Having a weapon that either produces elemental damage or any kind of status effect will put the hunter at a massive advantage and will make short work of Great Jagras.

While not a difficult fight, Great Jagras is a great starting monster. It begins teaching the hunter the basics of reading attack patterns as well as shows off special mechanics that make different monsters unique. Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help new hunters stepping into the mechanics of Monster Hunter World.  

Don’t forget to watch the companion video to see all of these tips in action.

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