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Reaper holding the PlayStation 5
Reaper holding the PlayStation 5

Primal Newscast #27 – Overwatch 2 Leaks, PS5 Photo & More

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Welcome to the Primal Newscast where Gaming Instincts goes over the hottest and most interesting news of the week that took place in the gaming industry.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare – To Add Battle Royale

The Battle Royale genre continues to bolster to the point that almost every first-person-shooter game has a Battle Royale mode. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is gearing up to release later this month. Last year the franchise introduced a Battle Royale mode called Blackout in last year’s Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 that was released to overwhelming popularity.

A few months ago rumors were surfacing a Battle Royale mode would be added to the title. To be clear nothing has been set in stone or confirmed, but Call of Duty insider TheGamingRevolution has leaked some important information regarding the mode. According to his tweets, the Battle Royale mode will be released on January 2020. TheGamingRevolution also spoke about Infinity Ward adding a Battle Pass. The last piece of information TheGamingRevolution gives us is that apparently the Battle Royale mode will be Free To Play.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Won’t Have Loot Boxes

In a surprise move, Infinity Ward has put out a large Press Release detailing the changes they plan on making to the economy. First off and they announced this previously, we will be getting crossplay across all platforms, Xbox, PlayStation 4 and PC. Second, there will be no Season Pass for users to pay for, it will be replaced with a Battle Pass that is strictly cosmetic. Thirdly, all base weapons for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare can be earned through gameplay, no loot boxes, no RNG.

The Press Release continues on to explain that the Battle Pass won’t be implemented until after launch for two main reasons. They want to focus on making the base game the best it could be and they want to give players a full chance and opportunity to play the game for what it is.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare – Requires Large Day One Update

Even more information has surfaced on the upcoming Call of Duty title. According to the Xbox One store the file size for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is 137 gigabytes compared to the PSN store which states the game is 60 gigabytes. This should include the Day One patch fixing some bugs, turning on the servers etc.

Fortnite – Adds New Chapter 2 Update

After the Fortnite outage, Chapter 2 brings a brand new map, new player features, new ways to level and more to the free to play Battle Royale.

Chapter 2 adds a plethora of content to the already packed title. First and foremost we’re introduced to a new map, which features beaches and other varied landscapes just like the original map. With the game being rebranded as Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 1 we can suspect that the map will go through changes as the season does. In-game Epic has added features like swimming, carrying your teammates, driving in boats carrying multiple players, hopping on pogo sticks and more. The trailer also shows that activities like fishing can add experience toward your player level. It makes me believe there are other activities in-game outside of racking up kills that can add experience to help you level up.

The Battle Pass returns too costing 950 V-Bucks, it works the same way as the original Fortnite pass but gives players more opportunities to earn experience points toward the pass.

Riot Games – Announces New Games In Livestream

Riot Games is a legacy company at this point regardless of how you feel about League of Legends and the path they’ve been on. The company celebrated its 10th Anniversary  hosting a livestream blessing fans with a number of announcements. Riot will be bringing League of Legends to consoles and mobile phones in 2020. Riot Games didn’t stop there though, they’re looking to dip into different genres in an attempt to dominate the gaming space moving forward. Some even believe that Riot Games is looking to capitalize on all the hits Blizzard is taking right now.

What made all the announcements Riot Games made interesting was the fact that they’re trying to tackle some of the issues the gaming landscape has. For example, Project A is Riot Game’s upcoming first-person-shooter, during their news on the game, Riot talked about common fps issues like lagging, cheating and more. Project A looked like a mix of Counterstrike and Overwatch, however, it doesn’t sound like we’ll be getting this one any time soon.

Other announcements from Riot Games included a new fighting game, which also probably won’t be out any time soon and a new e-Sports Management Sim. The other intriguing news was Riot Games will be releasing a card game called RuneTerra as well featuring their League of Legends cast. This was a commonality between a good portion of the news as Riot is looking to spread their cast of over 100 champions to other games.

Fallout 76 – Wastelanders Delayed to Q1 2020

Enter Wastelanders. This was Fallout 76’s big announcement at E3 back in June of this year. Wastelanders would be free DLC for all users, what piqued the interest of players was the fact that the game would be adding NPCs.

The DLC package was set to release sometime this Fall, but Bethesda has come and announced that the Wastelanders DLC will be pushed back to Q1 of 2020. Some apparently saw this coming, however, for a franchise that is on thin ice and needs to work itself back into the good graces of its players this is not what they need. Q1 means the DLC could be pushed all the back to the end of March and this is assuming it doesn’t get pushed back again. The press release also included more updates, including refinement of the economy and atom system of Fallout 76, Private Servers and more.

Overwatch 2 Details Get Leaked

It now seems like that Twitch streamer, Metro has some information on Twitter revealing that more information on Overwatch’s sequel will be shown off during Blizzcon 2019 supposedly after a short cinematic.

He also mentions that the animation will feature Mei and Genji and that it will lead into the game’s logo. Unfortunately there is no mention of any gameplay from Metro, so it may just be a trailer showing if that’s the case. He did mention that the new game will feature elements such as PVP and PVE meaning that a story element or even single player will be available to try. This even includes PVP, meaning that the elements of the original might stay, though we think that it may be entirely separate from the original Overwatch so far.

He even mentions that there will be a leveling system, so that supports the PVE element being added to the game.

We do not know how this information was brought out but Metro states that he got the info from the same people who leaked out Ashe before she was announced. Additionally, it seems like a new hero won’t be shown this year since OW 2 seems to be a main focus at the moment.

Photo of PS5 Devkit Gets Leaked

The PlayStation 5 has been speculated to be one of the more interesting pieces of next-gen hardware to be coming out in 2020 and it seems like everyone wants to know more and more about the highly classified console. Well it seems like that even more information came out than we thought as somebody just leaked something that looks like a devkit for the PS5 right here.

The picture from the tweet highly resembles what we’ve reported so in theory this definitely looks like some sort of PlayStation console, but is this the real deal? Well we don’t really know, all we know is that the picture from the Tweet definitely looks like the PlayStation 5 and that’s it.

If it’s true than the devkit has some heavy tech in it that can run games pretty fast and the loading times on the PS5 are supposedly next to none. We also don’t get to see any controllers next to it either, meaning that if a dualshock controller was placed next to next to it, then that would definitely confirm that this is the PS5.


So what do you think? Do you think Call of Duty needs a new Battle Royale mode? Also do you think that’s the real PS5? Let us know.

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