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Characters from Overwatch
Characters from Overwatch

Overwatch 2 Details Get Leaked

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It looks like that some new information regarding a new Overwatch title will be coming during Blizzcon 2019 according to alleged information by Twitch streamer, Metro.

Details first emerged during the time that Blizzard employees leaked that the Starcraft FPS that he company was working on had to be canned in order to work on other titles. These titles were the next Diablo game they’re working on, Diablo 4. Of course the other game that they’re working on is the second Overwatch title, which may or may not be called, Overwatch 2.

It now seems like that Twitch streamer, Metro has some information on Twitter revealing that more information on the sequel will be shown off during Blizzcon 2019 supposedly after a short cinematic.

He also mentions that the animation will feature Mei and Genji and that it will lead into the game’s logo. Unfortunately there is no mention of any gameplay from Metro, so it may just be a trailer showing if that’s the case. He did mention that the new game will feature elements such as PVP and PVE meaning that a story element or even single player will be available to try. This even includes PVP, meaning that the elements of the original might stay, though we think that it may be entirely separate from the original Overwatch so far.

He even mentions that there will be a leveling system, so that supports the PVE element being added to the game.

We do not know how this information was brought out but Metro states that he got the info from the same people who leaked out Ashe before she was announced. Additionally, it seems like a new hero won’t be shown this year since OW 2 seems to be a main focus at the moment.

Whatever the case, we will probably get more news when Blizzcon 2019 starts on Nov. 1.

For more info on the newest Overwatch news, check out here.

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