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A couple people COD: Modern Warfare
A couple people COD: Modern Warfare

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare – To Add Battle Royale

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The Battle Royale genre continues to bolster to the point that almost every first-person-shooter game has a Battle Royale mode. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is gearing up to release later this month. Last year the franchise introduced a Battle Royale mode called Blackout in last year’s Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 that was released to overwhelming popularity. With Fortnite going down for a couple of days as they update to Chapter 2, it sounds like Infinity Ward will add a Battle Royale to the upcoming Modern Warfare title.

A few months ago rumors were surfacing a Battle Royale mode would be added to the title. To be clear nothing has been set in stone or confirmed, but Call of Duty insider TheGamingRevolution has leaked some important information regarding the mode. According to his tweets, the Battle Royale mode will be released on January 2020. The main Call of Duty: Modern Warfare seems to have gone gold with its single & multiplayer mode. TheGamingRevolution also spoke about Infinity Ward adding a Battle Pass, that may or may not be added to loot boxes later. The last piece of information TheGamingRevolution gives us is that apparently the Battle Royale mode will be Free To Play.

To be frank, the majority of actual Call of Duty series leaks have been true and it makes a lot of sense for Infinity Ward to create another Battle Royale mode given Blackout’s success. Call of Duty’s Battle Royale has seemed more accessible for newcomers already acclimated and used Call of Duty’s gunplay. With the game being free to play, it seems like Infinity Ward is looking to actively compete with Fortnite.

What do you think of Infinity Ward adding a Battle Royale mode to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? Will give it a shot if it ends up dropping in 2020? Does every FPS game need a Battle Royale mode? Let us know what you think and make sure to follow Gaming Instincts on Twitter & Facebook.

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