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Fortnite squad
Fortnite squad

Fortnite – Adds New Chapter 2 Update

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Yesterday we reported on the apocalyptic destruction of Fortnite in their Season 10 event “The End”. This saw players watching the entire map break and crack with rifts in the sky, culminating in the entire Fortnite universe being sucked into a black hole. After this, players were met with a Black Hole and no ability to login and play the game. Rumors surfaced before the end of Season 10 that a reboot of the Fortnite franchise was forthcoming, but now it sounds like these Chapter 2 rumors are true. Chapter 2 brings a brand new map, new player features, new ways to level and more to the free to play Battle Royale.

Chapter 2 adds a plethora of content to the already packed title. First and foremost we’re introduced to a new map, which features beaches and other varied landscapes just like the original map. With the game being rebranded as Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 1 we can suspect that the map will go through changes as the season does. In-game Epic has added features like swimming, carrying your teammates, driving in boats carrying multiple players, hopping on pogo sticks and more. The trailer also shows that activities like fishing can add experience toward your player level. It makes me believe there are other activities in-game outside of racking up kills that can add experience to help you level up.

The Battle Pass returns too costing 950 V-Bucks, it works the same way as the original Fortnite pass but gives players more opportunities to earn experience points toward the pass. Fornite needed this reboot with competitors like Call Of Duty, Battlefield and others looking to capitalize on the Battle Royale craze.

Will you be playing Fortnite: Chapter 2? Are you a Fornite veteran looking to get back into the game? Let us know and make sure you following Gaming Instincts on Facebook & Twitter.

Source: Digital Trends

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