Concept logo design for the next-gen PlayStation console, PS5

PlayStation 5 Dev Kit Design Seemingly Confirmed by Game Developer

Recently, an image of what appeared to be the next generation PlayStation console began surfacing thanks to a news post from LetsGoDigital. The design of what seems to be a console from Sony Interactive Entertainment drew tons of speculation as the upcoming PS5 which has only had a few details shared by Sony, with what many feel a full reveal should be arriving relatively soon.

It was recently confirmed via tweet from Codemasters artist Matthew Scott that the design floating around the web was indeed a PS5 design, but most likely not the finished product. Scott confirmed that the design in question from Yusuhiro Ootori was in fact the PlayStation 5 developer kit – the hardware used by developing teams to begin creating next-gen titles.

A new desing has been leaked pointing towards a PS5 dev kit

A new desing has been leaked pointing towards a PS5 dev kit

The tweet has since been deleted, but that only adds more merit to the presumed confirmation. “It’s a dev kit, we have some in the office,” explained Scott after linking to a Metro report regarding the design leak. It shouldn’t be too surprising (or worrisome) if this was in fact the actual design of the of the developer kit as many dev kits from previous generations were typically hideous and outright bulky messes of hardware. And considering we’ve already heard numerous rumors claiming dev kits have indeed been sent out to third party developers, the chances of spotting one in the wild should be relatively high at this point.

Whether or not this new leak is to be believed, it should be noted that dev skits are typically much different in design when compared to the actual consumer product. Regardless, it seems as though we’re getting significantly closer to not only a reveal of the next-gen PlayStation, but a release – especially considering Microsoft is planning the release of their next-gen hardware – Project Scarlett – by the holiday of 2020.

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