Overwatch Wouldn’t Be Born If Blizzard Didn’t Cancel Titan

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Winner of The Best Game award back in 2016, and one of the best ongoing multiplayer titles of the current generation, probably wouldn’t exist if Blizzard threw the concepts of a cancelled project away. According to Blizzard, Overwatch is heavily inspired by an MMO game that never finished the development process.

Mike Morhaime, co-founder of Blizzard, has mentioned Overwatch and its origin through his latest interview in Barcelona, Spain. According to Morhaime, Blizzard was developing an MMO game called Titan before having any idea on Overwatch in mind. Titan seemed to be a really complicated project for Blizzard at the time, making the studio to think about its future and generating some new ideas as well. While the team couldn’t live out its dreams for Titan, Overwatch came to their mind as a new project to work on, which at first, was going to be “an evolution of a Team Fortress sort of game in a superhero universe.”

Most of the heroes in Overwatch, have had a strong root in Titan, which made it easier for Blizzard to develop its competitive first person shooter. Morhaime says:

[Overwatch] was going to leverage some technology that was – basically we’re going to take some of our best technology from Titan and from World of Warcraft.

We were going to take some characters and worlds from some of the Titan universe design, and we thought we could make a really, really compelling game with much tighter scope control. And I think, you know, probably one of the best decisions that we made, right? We took something that wasn’t going to ship for a long time and may never have shipped, and turned it into something that was an awesome universe and an awesome game. And now it’s one of Blizzard’s strongest teams.

a lot of the concept work probably traces its roots to the Titan universe.

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