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God of War (2018) – Official Guide

God of War (2018) – Official Guide

Disclaimer – This page will be constantly updated with new guides and content over time.

Kratos’s next big destination is no other than Midgard, but this time around Kratos just wants to live as a mortal man in a god’s body and power. However, things are quite not so normal down in Midgard so Kratos and his son Atreus are forced to face the dangers that lurk in the world of Norse mythology. Welcome to our official guide for Sony’s new behemoth – God of War (2018) where we will help you with getting all the trophies, killing all the Valkyries, obtaining the best gear and collecting every single item possible in this massive epic game.


Everything is available in Free-Roam after you beat the game and nothing is missable. This series will cover all of the existing of 332 Collectibles that God of War contains which includes the following:

  • 51 – Odin’s Ravens
  • 45 – Artifacts
  • 21 – Nornir Chests – (Health/Rage Upgrades)
  • 34 – Legendary Chests (Runes)
  • 15 – Favours (Side Quests)
  • 11 – Jotnar Shrines (Lore)
  • 9 – Valkyries (Optional Bosses + Materials)
  • 3 – Dragons
  • 39 – Lore Markers
  • 38 – Mystic Gateways (Fast Travel Portals)
  • 18 – Realm Tear (Combat Challenges)
  • 16 – Shops (Blacksmith Locations)

You can get all the collectibles by following our zone-by-zone collectible guide in the following links down below

Note: (The rest of the zones are coming in at a later date)

Finding all collectible locations unlocks the following 13 trophies:

  • Beneath the Surface – Bronze
  • Death Happened Here – Bronze
  • Trilingual – Bronze
  • Idunn’s Orchard – Silver
  • Quick Tempered – Silver
  • Dangerous Skies – Silver
  • Curator – Silver
  • Allfather Blinded – Silver
  • Unfinished Business – Silver
  • Treasuer Hunter – Silver
  • The Truth – Silver
  • Chooser of the Slain -Gold
  • Like Oil and Water – Gold

Valkyries (No Hits)

God of War has optional bosses that you must slay in order to obtain a trophy called “The Chooser of the Slain” It’s quite a challenging trophy that requires you to slay all the 9 Valkyries that are in the game. However, you can only fight the last Valkyrie Sigrun after you’ve defeated the other 8 Valkyries and placed all of their helmets at the Council of Valkyries area in Midgard. Gaming Instincts has you covered on how to kill each Valkyrie and what’s the best way to do it and how to do it without getting hit a single time.

Bosses Walkthrough (No Hits)

Throughout the epic father and son story in God of War the duo will be facing against some of the Midgard’s mightiest (and not so mightiest) trolls, gods and creatures that may or may not pose a big threat to the newcomers or returning fans of the franchise. Refer to our fully voiced commentary guide on how to defeat each and every boss without getting hit on normal difficulty and use these pro tips for your future fights or higher difficulty play-throughs as well.

  • Daudi Kaupmadr
  • The Stranger (coming soon)
  • Brenna Daudi
  • Stone Ancient
  • Svartaljofurr
  • Jan Fotr
  • Dragon
  • Magni and Modi
  • Daudi Munr
  • Bridge Keeper
  • Grendel of Ash and Frost
  • Boldur (coming soon)


If you’re interested in knowing what we had to say in regards to Kratos’s new massive scaled journey in Midgard – you can check out our final verdict for God of War (2018) down below

God of War (2018) Final Verdict

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