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Embrace the Storm: Anthem New Player Storm Guide & Build

The Storm is Anthem’s answer to the glass-cannon archetype that we see in most party-based RPG games. This is the Javelin for those who want to stay high above the battlefield, raining down death on their foes below them.
It can be quite a tricky Javelin to play, however, and there are a good number of skills to choose from that don’t always synergise in the best ways.
Today, I’m going to walk you through how to combo and what skills to utilise to get the most out of the Storm on your journey to end-game.

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Interceptor Beginners Build/Class Guide

The Interceptor is the Javelin of choice for those looking for some high-octane action. With a lightning-fast playstyle, it rewards players who keep on their toes and use their mobility to their advantage.
The Interceptor doesn’t have the most straightforward playstyle, however, and relies on some potent combinations in order to really output damage to its full potential.
Today, I’m going to walk you through some ideal early-game builds, and how to utilise the Interceptor’s kit to skyrocket you ahead towards endgame.

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