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Kara slain in God of War + Helmet
Kara slain in God of War + Helmet

How to Slay Kara Without Getting Hit in God of War

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How to Slay Kara Without Getting Hit in God of War

kara is one of the Valkyries that’s located over at The River Pass zone in Midgard. In order to get to her, you must have beaten the main story or progressed far enough and acquired the chisel that unlocks hidden chambers throughout the world of Midgard.

If you’re looking for a visual guide please refer to the fully voiced video guide below and if you need to find her please refer to The River Pass collectible guide.

Kara is quite a tough one and she has the ability to summon Draugar the basic minions of Midgard. While they may not seem to be that threatening at first, but believe me they are. Every time you kill the whole batch of them Kara will re-summon the higher tier of Draugar including the dual-ax-wielding berserks that run at you at crazy speeds, ranged attackers and even Draugars that are equipped with a shield and block your every attack unless it’s runic powered.

So what’s the best way to face off against Kara and how do you kill her without getting hit? Well, what you have to do is attack her right at the beginning as much as possible and when she summons the first batch of Draugar you have to use your runic power and kill 3 of them out of the total of 5 that she summons. Leave the other 2 Draugar up and start making circles in the room, equip your Leviathan Axe and start spamming the throw attack at Kara. If she goes in the air to attack you with her missiles, downward scythe or halo throws she will get instantly stunned and be put on the ground for a few seconds which will leave her vulnerable for more attacks. Use Atreus to distract the other 2 Draugar from you, so you can keep circling around the room and spamming the axe throw attack. She will never summon any more enemies unless one of the 2 Draugars die. Keep it focused, stay calm, dodge her attacks (they’re pretty easy), rinse and repeat and she will be dead before you know it.

Looking for other video guides for God of War and missing some collectibles as well? Need pro tips for the Give me God of War difficulty? Refer to our official guide for God of War and become the true Midgard God Slayer.

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