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Stone Falls 100% Collectibles Video Guide – God of War

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Stone Falls 100% Collectibles Video Guide – God of War

Welcome to our 100% collectible series for God of War. In this guide, you will be able to find all of the collectibles required for your trophies and platinum run in God of War. In here we will be covering Stone Falls. Also, please keep in mind that all of this is done after you’ve beaten the main story due to the fact that you cannot access all of the areas in the game without having certain story items at your disposal. It is recommended that you do a collectible run after you’re done with the main storyline of the game. If’ you’re having issues fighting certain bosses throughout the main plot line or looking a way to defeat all of the Valkyries please refer to our main official guide article for everything else.

Please refer to the visual guide below for Stone Falls to find all of the collectibles – it is fully voiced and is recorded in a high-quality 1080p/60 FPS format for your convenience.

Everything is available in Free-Roam after you beat the game and nothing is missable.

This series will cover all of the existing of 332 Collectibles that God of War contains which includes the following:

  • 51 – Odin’s Ravens
  • 45 – Artifacts
  • 21 – Nornir Chests (Health/Rage Upgrades)
  • 34 – Legendary Chests (Runes)
  • 15 – Favours (Side Quests)
  • 11 – Jotnar Shrines (Lore)
  • 9 – Valkyries (Optional Bosses + Materials)
  • 3 – Dragons
  • 39 – Lore Markers
  • 38 – Mystic Gateways (Fast Travel Portals)
  • 18 Realm Tear (Combat Challenges)
  • 16 – Shops (Blacksmith Locations)

Finding all of the collectibles will also unlock the following trophies:

  • Beneath the Surface [Bronze]
  • Death Happened Here [Bronze]
  • Trilingual [Bronze]
  • Idunn’s Orchard [Silver]
  • Quick Tempered [Silver]
  • Dangerous Skies [Silver]
  • Like Oil and Water [Gold]
  • Curator [Silver]
  • Allfather Blinded [Silver]
  • Unfinished Business [Silver]
  • Treasuer Hunter [Silver]
  • The Truth [Silver]
  • Chooser of the Slain [Gold]

Follow along to the next zone – Helheim.

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