Daudi Kaupmadr from God of War

How to Slay Daudi Without Getting Hit in God of War

How to Slay Daudi Without Getting Hit in God of War

Daudi Kaupmadr is the very first boss that you will encounter during your epic God of War adventure. It’s also going to be the very first introduction to the troll archetype of boss fights in the whole of Midgard. The troll boss fights, for the most part, are quite easy and not much different from one another and usually entail the same strategies with the exception of maybe the Bridge Keeper which is arguably the only somewhat different and more unique troll boss fight in God of War.

If you’re looking for a visual guide please refer to the video below:

Daudi Kaupmdar is quite a joke of a fight on any difficulty in the game. Whether it’s normal difficulty, Give me a Challenge or even Give me God of War. What you want to do is basically start attacking him and keep circling around him behind his back and keep hitting him. If he is starting to attack you with his giant totem, then simply dodge out of the way or roll out of the way. Sometimes he will try to also stomp the ground which will damage you and make flinch for a second or so.

You can easily avoid that by dodging it at the correct time and becoming invincible for a few seconds. Similar to Dark Souls, God of War has something called “invincibility frames” that become active during a very small time window when you roll in the game, this is usually how most pro players are able to dodge every attack in games such as Dark Souls and even God of War and attempt crazy insane no hit runs. This is the strategy that we will apply here as well and all throughout all of the bosses in God of War.

Rince and repeat running in circles behind his back, attack, dodge/roll out of the way and you will easily end this battle in a matter of possibly less than a minute or a bit more and that will be the end for Daudi Kaupmadr.

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