Rota Slain in God of War + Helmet

How to Slay Rota Without Getting Hit in God of War

How to Slay Rota Without Getting Hit in God of War

Rota is one of the Valkyries that’s located over in Helheim Realm. In order to get to her, you must have beaten the main story or progressed far enough and acquired the chisel that unlocks hidden chambers throughout the world of Midgard.

If you’re looking for a visual guide please refer to the fully voiced video guide below and if you need to find her please refer to the Helheim collectible guide.

Rota has a ton of different attacks and the most difficult thing about her is predicting what she will be doing next. The most threatening is the unpredicting punch that she will try to attempt to do after she does is a backward dash or after she finishes doing another attack. Make sure you always ready to dodge to the right (dodging the punch to the left will result in you getting hit). She will also randomly decide to stomp on you either one time, two times or even three times in a row after she screams “Valhalla!” and the only way to avoid that is to dodge left or right after she goes into the air, it will take some time to get used to the timing.

Another attack that she does is a fly-by grab. If she manages to catch you she will slam you on the ground and hit you for a ton of damage, you absolutely need to avoid this attack if you want to have any chance at defeating her. It’s also worth noting that Rota has a ton of health as well and it will take a while to take her down. Basically, this fight comes down to (like most Valkyrie fights) learning the pattern and the behavior of the specific Valkyrie and understand when to do what and how to do it. Honestly, she’s not extremely difficult but she can prove to be a challenge. My best advice is to keep practicing and always stay calm and focused and she will be dead in no time.

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