Gunnr Slain in God of War + Helmet

How to Slay Gunnr Without Getting Hit in God of War

How to Slay Gunnr Without Getting Hit in God of War

Gunnr is one of the Valkyries that’s located over at the Thamur’s Corpse. In order to get to her, you must have beaten the main story or progressed far enough and acquired the chisel that unlocks hidden chambers throughout the world of Midgard.

If you’re looking for a visual guide please refer to the video below and if you need to find her please refer to the Thamur’s Corpse collectible guide.

Gunnr is one of the more easier Valkyries to kill as opposed to Kara, Rota, Geirdriful and even Olrun. Her attack pattern is a lot more predictable and simple to follow. Gunnr’s 2 main core attacks are both done with her scythe. One of her Scythe attacks includes a forward dash towards you and then a hit with a scythe that can be easily blocked and countered attacked with the shield and another is also blockable and easy to counter when she goes into the air and tries to do a downward scythe assault. The only thing you have to watch out for with Gunnr is her attempt at punching you in the guts after any of her other attacks. She usually does the punch as a follow-up and that’s about it, she will never try to punch otherwise, only sometimes after she does her attacks.

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