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The Primal Newscast – Weekly News Recap Episode #8

Welcome to The Primal Newscast where Gaming Instincts goes over the most hottest and interesting news of the week in the gaming industry.

4 New Consoles Are Coming from Microsoft

It’s 2019 and this is year where will be slowly transition into the next-generation console cycle. Apperently, Microsoft will be releasing 4 new consoles. 2 of which are coming later in 2019 sometime in Spring and 2 next-gen consoles in 2020. One of the consoles is codenamed Maverick which is suggested to be a discless Xbox One that is targeting users who want to enjoy a streaming box and use services such as Game Pass and project XCloud. There will also be a new version coming later this year as well that is a revised version of the Xbox One S that will include a physical disc-drive.

However, the most juicy part about all this are the 2 next-gen consoles who belong to the Scarlet family and they’re codenamed Lockhart and Anaconda. Lockart will be your next-generation Xbox One equivalent console that will be coming out sometime next year in 2020 and Anaconda will be your next-gen Xbox One X equivalent. It seems that Microsoft’s strategy is literally to satasfiy every type of consumer there is on the planet and get them to subscribe to their services and play one way or another on their platform. In my personal opinion, I think coming up with a pro-consumer choice mentality is an excellent idea for their next-gen strategy. 2019 has just started and the hype for next-gen consoles is starting to get real.

More Studio Acquistions Incoming

With next-gen console news out of the way, it is no surprise that Microsoft is planning to make more studio Acquisitions in the near future. According to IDC Analyst Lewis Wardoft Microsoft is planning to buy out more studios so they fill in every genre and subgenre of gaming possible. Which would basically include everything from RTS, FPS, Third Person Shooters, Racing, Battle Royale, RPGs, ARPGs and even VR and so on. Does this mean that they’re going to be buying out every single big studios physically possible? No, absolutely not, this just simply means that Microsoft will keep shopping for the right developer with a good track record to fill in the missing genre gaps and create amazing experiences for the Windows and Xbox platform going into next-generation.

Dragon Quest Fighter Coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate

There was a datamined leak earlier this week that is suggesting that one of the new DLC fighters for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate will be from the ever loving Dragon Quest franchise. There are three different code names that were discovered in the datamine – fighter_kind_packu, fighter_kind_jack and fighter_kind_brave. Packu was confirmed to be the Piranha Plant that was revealed back in Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Direct in November of 2018, Jack is reffering to Atlus’s mascot Jack Frost which is linked to Joker from Persona 5 that was revealed at the Video Game Awards. Meanwhile, Brave is suggested to be a hero from the Dragon Quest by the name of Erdrick.

Slighty Mad Studios Developing a Powerful Console

Slightly Mad Studios the guys behind Project Cars 1 and 2 have confirmed that they’re developing what they call the most powerful console in existence. The console will support 4K and VR. They also stated that VR will run at silky smooth 60FPS per eye or 120FPS as a whole in their twitter post. Right now they said they’re in the talks with with the manufacturessuch as Nvidia and AMD but they cannot speak much about it. What do I personally think about this? I think that Slighty Mad Studios need to change their from Slight Mad Studios to Extreme Mad Studios and I am calling bullshit on this one. Let me see what Sony are doing with PlayStation 5 please along with Microsoft’s Lockhart and Anaconda first. I highly doubt a racing game developer is going to be outbuilding Sony and Microsoft in the next-gen console departement.

Sea of Thieves Will Be Getting a New Quest System and PVP Mode in Early 2019

Joe Neate from Rare Studios has confirmed earlier this week that the studio behind Sea of Thieves is working on a much new and improved questing system. He particularly used the example of how “The Hungering Deep” and “The Cursed Sails” were fantastic story telling and questing experiences in the world of Sea of Thieves when it came to social play. However, Rare is looking deep into creating a questing experience where people who prefer more of the single-player approach to enjoy the lore and the world itself. This is rather interesting and I am personally looking forward to seeing how this system pans out. Also, the previously announced PvP Arena Mode will be coming sometime in early 2019, but right now Jon stated that they’re trying their best to make sure the gameplay feels fun, smooth and the best it could be before its released to a wider audience.

Quantic Dream is Teasing a Possible Announcement

Earlier this week the developers behind Heavy Rain, and recently released Detroit: Become Human have went on twitter and thanked it fans and also suggested that there wil be “great” news coming soon. Many are speculating that new game announcement is imminent. Some thinkg this could also mean that there is new DLC content coming for Detroit: Become Human or better yet many insiders are also suggesting that the French developer is being purchased by Sony. We will find out in the near future.

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