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Next DLC Fighter Revealed in the Latest Smash Ultimate Datamine

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Next DLC Fighter Revealed in the Latest Smash Ultimate Datamine

A new datamine released today of Super smash Bros. Ultimate revealed three code names for the upcoming DLC characters, which one of them hasn’t been announced yet. The code names that were datamined are: fighter_kind_packu, fighter_kind_jack and fighter_kind_brave. The first code name “packu” refers to the previously announced piranha plant, the second one “jack” refers to the surprise announcement of Joker from Persona 5, and the last one “brave” is the most mysterious one, since it is from a character that hasn’t been revealed yet.

The code name “Packu” is likely for the Japanese name of Piranha Plant, “Pakkun Flower.” As for “Jack” it sounds like it could be referring the Atlus mascot Jack Frost and that is why is linked to Joker from Persona 5. The last one, “Brave” could be related to the hero of the popular RPG franchise in Japan Dragon Quest, often referred to as the Hero or 勇者 (Yuusha), but if you only use the first kanji it becomes 勇 that means “Brave.”

It was also revealed in the datamine the run speed information of these three DLC characters. For the comparison you must know that Sonic has the highest run speed of Smash Ultimate with a speed of 3.85 and Incineroar has the lowest speed at 1.18, so here’s the numbers of these three upcoming DLC characters:

  • Piranha Plant: 1.72
  • Joker: 2.21
  • “Brave”: 1.74

Check out the Tweet of @Jam1garner, showing a screenshot of the datamine:

Dot Esports said the following in an article on their website:

“Fans were quick to jump onto the datamine to predict that it refers to the Dragon Questcharacter Erdrick from Dragon Quest III or the “Hero” class in Dragon Quest as a whole. There had also been earlier reports in December that Erdrick would appear in the game as a DLC fighter.

Dragon Quest is an insanely popular franchise in Japan and the collaboration could allow the series to be heavily marketed in the west through the DLC. It could all still be a ruse, however, so it remains to be seen if this is true.”

As always we recommend that you take this news with a grain of salt, as the “brave” code name could be for anything, not only the Dragon Quest franchise.

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