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Microsoft to Continue Acquiring Studios in the Near Future

Microsoft to Continue Acquiring Studios in the Near Future

Microsoft Studios is on his way to becoming the largest and most important developer in the near future, it appears at Bill Gates is calling the shots here as Microsoft Studios is following the same formula that led Microsoft Corporation to have the most popular operative system for computers.

What is that formula you may ask, well using their powerful budget to acquire the best in the business, as simple as that, there is no gamble and they can’t go wrong with that approach.

In an exclusive interview with GamingBolt, IDC Analyst Lewis Wardoft says that Microsoft is not done acquiring studios and their focus is to make as many Xbox exclusives as possible, read below an extract of the interview:

“Well Microsoft doesn’t still have as large a game developer base as either Sony or Nintendo even after these acquisitions, as far as I can tell. This is a signal that Microsoft wants to put out more exclusives for Win10 devices moving forward and we’ll likely see more acquisitions as they continue to bolster their first party lineup by plugging “holes” in genres and subgenres they think will grow relatively quickly over time,” he said.

“Microsoft wants to be more of enabler for other Win10-based hardware and software providers,” he said. “There’s no reason Xbox One X can’t play Windows Mixed Reality games right now. I’m not sure why Microsoft hasn’t pulled that trigger on that, but they’ll very likely be in this space with their next-gen console. The bottom line is that while a lot of people are still down on VR, I expect 2018 global spending on off-the-shelf software, which is primarily games, on all platforms (consoles, PCs and mobile devices), to roughly double up 2017’s spending total, and wind up in the $1 billion range this year.”

Microsoft Studios is not planning to buy every big studio, far from it, the idea is to get studios renowned for their game’s quality, studios like Obsidian and smaller studios like The Initiative who that may not ring a bell maybe but is led by Darrell Gallagher, former studio head at Crystal Dynamic. So we can see a trend of what’s being bought and what’s the vision for Microsoft for the near future.

Also by giving freedom, time and a good budget developers will create wonderful experiences that will attract many people to buy a Xbox Consoles, add this to Xbox Game Pass and Microsoft looks unstoppable at least on paper.

Who should be worried?

Nintendo is comfortable with their exclusives titles, while mobile games like Pokémon Go and Super Mario Run are making a fortune for them, few months ago Nintendo of America CEO Reggie Fils-Aime was asked if he see in Xbox and PlayStation a competition and he answered back with a direct “I don’t”.

What about Sony then, well I think Sony will have some serious problems in the near future, their bet of releasing the most powerful machine when the PS3 launched wasn’t the best move, and certainly the PS4 Pro is not the most powerful console in this generation, one of Sony’s most successful games Gran Turismo lost a lot of market share when Forza came in the stage, and Gran Turismo Sports didn’t help at all, so it will be an interesting year and a very worrying for Sony.

What are your thought? Do you think Sony will do just fine with what they’re currently doing? Let your opinion be heard in the comment section below.

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