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Microsoft Rumored to be Working on 4 Different New Consoles

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Microsoft Rumored to be Working on 4 Different New Consoles

There are a lot of rumors around Microsoft with these consoles but at the moment Microsoft said that they are working on both traditional disc-based and streaming only-machines under a variety of codenames – Scarlett, Anthem, Anaconda. According to Brad Sams at Thurrott (the source of various rumors around these new Xbox’s) he said that Microsoft is already working on 4 new consoles.

Scarlett is the umbrella codename for all of Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox projects. It doesn’t refer to any one specific console.

  • Microsoft is said to be working on two traditional next-gen Scarlett consoles. One, codenamed Anaconda, is the next-gen equivalent of the Xbox One X – a powerful machine for enthusiasts.
  • The other Scarlett console is codenamed Lockhart, and it’s designed to be the equivalent of the Xbox One S – a less-expensive option for the more mainstream gamer. Both Anaconda and Lockhart are expected to launch sometime in 2020.
  • Before either of their traditional next-gen consoles come out, Microsoft is planning to release a disc-less streaming-only console codenamed Maverick. This isn’t part of the Scarlett line and it may arrive as soon as Spring of 2019, although plans can change.
  • Finally, Microsoft is also prepping another revision of the Xbox One S – this version of the console will be redesigned to reduce manufacturing costs and be focused largely on xCloud streaming, but it will still have a traditional disc drive. Expect it in 2019.

Also Microsoft is assembling a new development platform named GameCore that will make Xbox game creation faster and easier.

Remember to take this rumors with a grain of salt.

GameCore is the evolution of the UWP platform and is going to help Microsoft eventually start building container-based apps. GameCore will make it significantly easier for developers to utilize Xbox services on both PC and the Xbox and should provide for higher levels of performance with lower-level system access and control of hardware assets.

But before those devices and software show up, we will first see Maverick. This is the disc-less console that I wrote about a few weeks back that is still on track to be released next year. I believe it will still be released in the spring but as with all hardware and products, plans may change or be canceled.

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