Xbox One Controllers Will Be Compatible with Xbox Scarlett; Cross-gen Play Confirmed

Xbox Scarlett

Back in this year’s E3, Phil Spencer officially confirmed that they are working on project Scarlett as their next-gen console to be launched later in 2020. A few details have already been shared on Xbox Scarlett but during a recent interview with Gamespot, Phil Spencer has revealed some new information on cross-gen compatibility of the […]

Xbox Scarlett, The Future of Console Gaming?

Master Chief Xbox

Xbox Scarlett, The Future of Console Gaming? With the E3 conference this June there came a lot of big announcements, even some by companies and developers who chose not to attend. Among the most notable, though, was Microsoft’s announcement and press video for their next-gen console Project Scarlett. While every new console gets its moment […]

Xbox Scarlett Second Model Might Be Still Part of the Plan

Xbox Scarlett

Before Microsoft officially announcing its ongoing plan on launching next-gen console of Xbox in Holiday 2020, some rumors were pointing out Xbox Scarlett as a console with two models. However, recently it’s been revealed that the plan has been changed and Scarlett will be launching as a single model, again by rumors. Today, another rumor […]

Rumor: Xbox Scarlett Comes in Holiday 2020; Running Games on 120fps and 8K

Xbox Scarlett

Just a few hours are left until this year’s biggest event for Microsoft at E3 2019 and definitely the most anticipated show of the year at Los Angeles for gaming purposes. While in less than three hours we will get to see all of the official information for the new Xbox, some rumors and leaks […]

PlayStation 5 To Possibly Being Revealed on May 27th

Kratos from God of War PlayStation 5

It’s been a crazy few days last week due to all the next-gen hype and mainly the low-key official announcement of the PlayStation 5 with the reveal of baseline specs by the man himself – Mark Cerny. Obviously, it has come to our attention that AMD is well tied with Sony when it comes to […]

The Titanic Clash has Officially Begun – Here’s How

Kratos from God of War vs Master Chief from Halo

The Titanic Clash has Officially Begun – Here’s How Here we are nearing the end of the 8th console generation and preparing to say goodbye to our lovely, and not so lovely, times. The year is 2019 and it has already been jam packed with some of the best releases of the year, such as […]

PS5 and Xbox Scarlett Might Come With 8 to 12GB RAM


PS5 and Xbox Scarlett Might Come With 8 to 12GB RAM There are a lot of rumors around the next gen consoles, will they come with Ryzen CPUs or with 16 GB RAM? The technical director at Cradle Games, Marc-André Jutras, spoke about the latter component in an interview with GamingBolt. Also Marc-André Jutras who has been part […]

Next-Generation Xbox is Codenamed Anaconda

Xbox Symbol for Anaconda

Next-Generation Xbox is Codenamed Anaconda Source – TheVerge The verge is reporting that the next-generation Xbox is actually codenamed Anaconda as opposed to the rumored Xbox Scarlett. What’s a lot more interesting is that it’s coming in 2020, many have believed that 2019 is the start of the new generation but it seems that we […]