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master chief infinite
master chief infinite

Halo: Infinite – 343 Industries Loses Another Producer

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The boxing match for next-generation consoles was confirmed the minute Sony announced that the PlayStation 5 would release in Holiday 2020 just like Microsoft’s next endeavor Project Scarlett. Microsoft got the head start announcing their console at e3 earlier this year and with that announcement came the news that the next installment of Halo would debut on Project Scarlett. Halo Infinite as the title is being called is the perfect game to bring hype and pique the interest of gamers on the fence about which system they’ll buy next Holiday season. Unfortunately, the game has been plagued with controversy as well with creative director Tim Longo leaving earlier this year and now it seems another member of the 343 Industries team has left.

Mary Olson as reported by Gaming Bolt has left 343 Industries, this was found on a ResetEra thread leading to Olson’s LinkedIn. Olson’s LinkedIn shows her tenure at 343 Industries ending in Sept. 2019. Further, Olson’s LinkedIn now shows that she is the Head of Production at Midwinter Entertainment. Apparently there are other former members of 343 Industries working at MidWinter Entertainment now. With multiple people leaving the team what will this mean for Halo: Infinite moving forward?

This doesn’t bode well for the next-generation cycle and with Sony having some of the same leadership issues in-house, you’ve got to wonder will everything be ready for the Holiday season? We’re a little over a year out from the release of both consoles and with some of the drama and controversy surrounding both companies what will this mean? With Microsoft and Sony entering their 4th & 5th generation consoles respectively, we would hope to have a smooth system cycle with little bugs and glitches, however, news from both camps is worrying, to say the least.

What do you think this means for Halo Infinite? Moreover, what do you think this means for the launch of Project Scarlett? Will you be picking up a next-generation console on Day One, let us know. Make sure you follow Gaming Instincts on Twitter & Facebook for updates.

Source: Gaming Bolt

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