Xbox Symbol for Anaconda

Next-Generation Xbox is Codenamed Anaconda

Next-Generation Xbox is Codenamed Anaconda

Source – TheVerge

The verge is reporting that the next-generation Xbox is actually codenamed Anaconda as opposed to the rumored Xbox Scarlett. What’s a lot more interesting is that it’s coming in 2020, many have believed that 2019 is the start of the new generation but it seems that we will have to wait 1 more year if not more for the next-generation to arrive.  Anaconda will include 2 new consoles – it will be equivalent of the current Xbox One X with obviously much improved Hardware and processors coming from AMD.

There is also a strong possibility it will include an SSD for much faster load times.  The other console is codenamed Lockheart and will be more affordable – basically a replacement for the Xbox One S in the modern day and age of 2020. Most importantly both of these consoles will still support exisist backward compatible origina Xbox and 360 titles and Xbox One as well. The console will also have a huge laser focus on project xCloud game streaming that was previously announced a few months back earlier this year.

It seems that both publisher are ready to go at each other throats once again in 2020 – how happy are you with consoles this generation? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned to Gaming Instincts for the latest next-generation news coverage, tips & tricks, reviews, previews and much more.



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