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Xbox Scarlett
Xbox Scarlett

Xbox One Controllers Will Be Compatible with Xbox Scarlett; Cross-gen Play Confirmed

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Back in this year’s E3, Phil Spencer officially confirmed that they are working on project Scarlett as their next-gen console to be launched later in 2020. A few details have already been shared on Xbox Scarlett but during a recent interview with Gamespot, Phil Spencer has revealed some new information on cross-gen compatibility of the upcoming console.

According to Spencer, Microsoft has produced so many different and unique controllers for Xbox One so far, including the Elite controllers. They even allow customers to design and personalize their own Xbox controllers as a popular way of having unique assets for your beloved console. Now that the company moves into a new generation, they would like to respect what the community has purchased both in software and hardware sections. So, the team is planning to bring a feature on Xbox Scarlett which allows you to use your current-gen controllers on it, without being forced to pay for a new controller. Spencer said:

This generation, we came out with the Elite controller, we’ve done work on controllers and people have invested in personalized controllers, the things that they love and we want to make those compatible with future generations of our console as well. So really, the things that you’ve bought from us, whether the games or the controllers that you’re using, we want to make sure those are future compatible with the highest fidelity version of our console, which at that time will obviously be the one we’ve just launched.

On the other hand, head of Xbox also confirmed the same thing for games that you’ve bought before, which means the Backward Compatibility will be fully available on Xbox Scarlett as well. Moreover, players on both current-gen and next-gen consoles will be able to play with each other in the games that are available for both consoles which we can simply call cross-gen play. He continued:

We want to make sure that the generations can play with each other, so if you happen to adopt the next generation early and somebody stays back, that if their games are on both platforms, you’ll be able to cross-gen play.

Xbox Scarlett will be launched in Holiday 2020 and we are looking forward to E3 2020 for a full reveal of the console. If you want to know more about Microsoft’s new platform, check out our featured post on Xbox Scarlett and future of gaming consoles.

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Source: SegmentNext

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