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Kratos from God of War PlayStation 5
Kratos from God of War PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 To Possibly Being Revealed on May 27th

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It’s been a crazy few days last week due to all the next-gen hype and mainly the low-key official announcement of the PlayStation 5 with the reveal of baseline specs by the man himself – Mark Cerny. Obviously, it has come to our attention that AMD is well tied with Sony when it comes to providing their technology for Sony’s next-generation system the PlayStation 5. We know that AMD is supplying them with the latest AMD 7nm Ryzen 2 CPU and most importantly a custom AMD GPU based on the Architecture. Now, this is where thing are getting very interesting and this is why we believe that the PlayStation 5 may be revealed on May 27th, 2019.

When the Wired article was published to the world last Tuesday on April 16 – CEO of AMD Dr. Lisa Su almost instantly tweeted out the article her self on her twitter confirming that they’re working with Sony and that they have a close partnership when it comes to providing the company with their latest technologies – check down below

Dr. Lisa Su’s personal twitter page – Twitter
Her personal tweet confirming the partnership and excitement with sony – Source

We also know that on May 27th there will be an official international press conference at COMPUTEX and it will be held by none other Dr. Lisa Su herself. – Source

Now this is the most interesting and key part of the blog post. It clearly states the following:

As the first CEO keynote speaker at the COMPUTEX Press Conference, Dr. Lisa Su said, “As one of the most important global events for our industry, I look forward to COMPUTEX each year. I am honored to deliver the opening keynote this year and provide new details about the next generation of high-performance AMD platforms and products. With our partners, we will tell the story of how leading-edge technologies and an open ecosystem are driving an inflection point in computing and industry innovation and positively impacting several important markets.”

Under the leadership of Dr. Lisa Su, AMD continues to grow and excel in the field of high-performance computing, graphics, and visualization technologies. The latest AMD products released include the world’s first 7nm gaming GPU–AMD Radeon™ VII and first 7nm datacenter GPU, AMD Radeon Instinct MI60. Upcoming products include 7nm AMD EPYC™ datacenter processors, 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ desktop processors and graphics cards based on the next-generation “Navi” architecture – all of which are designed to create exceptional experiences for gamers and creators as well as help solve many of the toughest challenges in our lives. During the CEO Keynote, Dr. Lisa Su and other high-profile guests will highlight new details of upcoming products and showcase how the industry is building a new high-performance computing ecosystem that will push technology to the next level.

High-profile guests who will highlight new details of upcoming products and showcase how the industry is building a new high-performance computing ecosystem that will push technology to the next level? Which high-profile guests exactly? We highly doubt it’s Phil Spencer since Xbox is going to be having a briefing about a week and a half after at E3 on June 9th on Sunday. Sony said many times they’re not attending E3 whatsoever in any shape or form and this is right before E3 as well and around the time too.

We highly suspect that Mark Cerny might be the high-profile guest and showcase possibly a tech demo or even actually announce the PlayStation 5 and confirm the final specs without talking about the price, launch details and all those things. If this is a reveal of any sorts, it will be a small reveal just with spec numbers and a couple of tech demos. We can most likely suspect a full complete reveal of the PlayStation 5 at PSX later this year with the full on launch details, price possibly and all that good stuff.

Let us know in the comments below if you guys and gals think this lines up and if there is any possibly whatsoever of some sort of an actual official reveal of the technology to the world. Maybe, we’re reading too much into this, but her tweet and this out of the blue Wired post was unpredictable to begin with and with Sony not showing up at E3 is also quite suspicious as well. All in all, it’s very hard to predict the gaming industry these days, so expect the unexpected.

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