PS5 and Xbox Scarlett Might Come With 8 to 12GB RAM

PS5 and Xbox Scarlett Might Come With 8 to 12GB RAM

There are a lot of rumors around the next gen consoles, will they come with Ryzen CPUs or with 16 GB RAM? The technical director at Cradle Games, Marc-André Jutras, spoke about the latter component in an interview with GamingBolt.

Also Marc-André Jutras who has been part of the industry for more than a decade, he believes that they will not have 16 GB RAM, but they should range from 8 to 12 GB.

Check out his statement:

I don’t think we will see 16GB of RAM, most games don’t use that much RAM anyway. I think the next generation will be between 8 and 12, probably. What you will see however is probably a good amount of cores. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next gen was Ryzen 2600 or something like that. Because it is really stable, cheap, and has a good amount of cores.

Marc-André Jutras also explained that probably the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will use a large amount of VRAM and the total memory pool will surpass the current 8GB from the PS4 and the Xbox One:

One thing that is going to change will be, you will get a lot more focus on the VRAM, which is the big bottleneck right now if you want good 4K games, because 4K frame buffer takes a lot of space. So if you end up with a 4K buffer, you need four times the VRAM.

Marc-André Jutras also said that VRAM is really great for very fast calculations, splitting RAM and VRAM should be the next step forward for the next-gen consoles.

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