Microsoft Introduces New Mobile AR Title, Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth Mobile AR Title Announced

Microsoft and Minecraft creators Majong have just unveiled their latest dive into mobile gaming with the AR laced title, Minecraft Earth. The new title will title will expand on the AR gaming space opened up by Niantic’s Pokemon GO title, taking things to incredible heights never seen before in the industry. Check out the reveal […]

Microsoft Reveals New HoloLens 2


Microsoft Reveals New HoloLens 2 Microsoft has just unveiled their newest version of the AR visor the Hololens 2, one of the most interesting announcements was the support for Epic’s Unreal Engine 4, but let’s not get too excited about the Hololens 2 because at a staggering 3500$ it’s out of the reach for the […]

Rumor: The Next Microsoft HoloLens, Codenamed Sydney In Development

Microsoft HoloLens

Rumor: The next Microsoft HoloLens, Codenamed Sydney In Development Microsoft was earlier expected to release the Microsoft HoloLens V2 in 2017, but the company for some reason decided to skip its development and move straight to the V3. And per latest reports, the company is, in fact, aiming for a Q1 2019 release of the next […]