Minecraft Earth Mobile AR Title Announced

Microsoft Introduces New Mobile AR Title, Minecraft Earth

Microsoft and Minecraft creators Majong have just unveiled their latest dive into mobile gaming with the AR laced title, Minecraft Earth. The new title will title will expand on the AR gaming space opened up by Niantic’s Pokemon GO title, taking things to incredible heights never seen before in the industry.

Check out the reveal trailer for Minecraft Earth below:

Players will be able to adapt into the real world in Minecraft Earth utilizing Android’s ARCore and Apple’s ARKit to collect, build and discover within the unique world of Minecraft. Not only will players have the option of collecting and building within real-world environments, but also scurry through the world in ‘Adventure’ mode which presents an in-game world using your smart device’s Open Street Maps tech.

There’s tons of interesting facets within this new Minecraft experience, and it seems as though the AR space is about to fully open itself up to new opportunities. Check out more on the game along with an exclusive preview over at WindowsCentral.

Players can expect to see Minecraft earth rolled out into select cities mostly across the US this summer, while the full launch will happen later down the line.

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Source: Windows Central

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