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Niantic Acquires 3D Spatial Mapping Leader 6D.AI

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Niantic, the developer of Pokémon GO, has announced the acquisition of 6D.AI an specialist in 3D spatial mapping. Both companies have the objective to build a 3D map of the world so they can enable new kinds of planet-scale AR experiences.

Founded in 2017, 6D.AI was spun out from Oxford University’s Active Vision Lab,and has since, worked in solving the main AR problems, such as 3D reconstruction and AR persistence. Matt Miesnieks, founder and CEO of 6D.AI is thrilled about the acquisition, as he thinks that Niantic understands better than anyone the use-cases that drive people to engage with the real world at scale.

“We’re even closer to an AR platform that will unlock the ability for any developer to make content for current and future AR hardware. Niantic will provide us more reach, strengthen our resources, and bring together some of the best minds in both AR software development and research. The combination of our teams is a major step for the AR industry as we get even closer toward building the 3D map of the world.” Said 6D.AI CEO and founder Matt Miesnieks in a blog post.

6D.AI is a software company that builds the AR infrastructure, the company uses the term “AR Cloud”, they explain that AR apps are going to virtually live outside the phone, then part of the “operating system” needs to be on-device, and part needs to live in the cloud, as the real world is too big for any one device.

“The AR Cloud enables the UX breakthroughs that lead to engaging AR apps.” Says Matt Miesnieks.

Niantic is one of the leading AR companies, they are the pioneers of real world gaming, Pokémon Go has been an immense success for both Niantic and Nintendo, Niantic and  6D.AI will work together to transform the Earth into the new game board.

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