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Mario Kart Live Home Circuit
Mario Kart Live Home Circuit

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Gets a New Trailer

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Nintendo today released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming Mario kart Live: Home Circuit, an AR racing game where players create their own racing course at home and play with real karts.

Check the new trailer down below:


Unveiled at the Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Nintendo Direct, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit game is coming for the Nintendo Switch family of systems on October 16. The game is produced by Nintendo in partnership with Velan Studios.

Nintendo confirmed in today’s trailer that Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit includes one kart, four gates, two arrow signboards that can be used to enhance courses, and a USB charging cable for the kart and the digital version for the game.

According to Nintendo players will need to set the course in an area of roughly 12’ x 10’, however, that’s the recommendation, the course could fit in a smaller area as the only requirement is passing through the four gates includes.

Set up for the game involves placing the four gates around your living space, then driving through each of them in turn to create a course layout. Creativity is key since many different course shapes can be designed, from simple and classic to more complex layouts, full of twists and turns.

The game’s main mode is Grand Prix, which features eight Grand Prix cups, and 24 different races in total. In every race, familiar Mario Kart elements in the game affect the physical kart itself, bringing the classic experience of Mario Kart into an AR game.  Different environmental themes, such as underwater, volcanic and retro, spice things up further by introducing a variety of in-game hazards that affect the kart in real life.

In addition to Grand Prix mode, there are various other ways to play Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit:

  • Custom Race: This mode gives players even more room for creativity, designing not just the physical layout of the course, but also the ability to add hazards, items, and more to bring truly unique creations to life.
  • Time Trials: Players create a course and then race to set the fastest time possible – competing either against their own personal best or handing the controller to another player for an exciting Time Trials head-to-head that requires only one Nintendo Switch system and one Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit game.
  • Mirror Mode: For those who fancy an extra challenge, this mode allows all of the Grand Prix cups to be played in mirror image, with right turns becoming left and the familiar becoming unfamiliar.

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