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Microsoft Reveals New HoloLens 2

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Microsoft Reveals New HoloLens 2

Microsoft has just unveiled their newest version of the AR visor the Hololens 2, one of the most interesting announcements was the support for Epic’s Unreal Engine 4, but let’s not get too excited about the Hololens 2 because at a staggering 3500$ it’s out of the reach for the casual gamer. Microsoft has created this device for business and even the military.

The interface now eschews the swipe-based buttons of the original in favor of direct manipulation of objects. The headset itself is now simpler to put on and doesn’t require the Steampunk-style knobs and dials for a good fit as the previous version did.

All these improvements come at a cost, however, as the Hololens 2 will run about $3500 in its current form, thus mainly being targeted toward businesses. Microsoft announced Unreal Engine 4 support for Hololens software, which does not necessarily mean the headset will be used for games, but it does make any potential game development is easier than it would be without the versatile engine’s use.

The HoloLens idea came through the Xbox Kinect the add-on that fail to meet Microsoft’s expectations set back in 2010. The engineers at Microsoft noticed the potential of the system for professionals and started on a new project of the now called HoloLens that released in 2016, and is targeted to developers in the United States and Canada for a list price of $3000.

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