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Sony And Microsoft Partner Up + Gears 5 Leak – Primal Newscast #8

Welcome to The Primal Newscast where Gaming Instincts goes over the hottest and most interesting news of the week that took place in the gaming industry.

Gears 5 Release Leak

According to a leak from a Taiwanese Ratings Board, an image of Gears 5 cover art seems to have spilled early. While the box art seems to be rather professional in appearance, the cover also shows a North American “Rating Pending” tag on the box which is a bit strange considering it was leaked in a region who typically uses a separate ratings tag. To go along with this supposed leak, Spanish website, Generacion Xbox, also listed the release of Gears 5 to be September 10, 2019, though there was no source for this particular piece of information. Stay tuned for more on Gears 5 and this potential leak.

Take-Two Confirms Unannounced Titles To Release Within Next Year

The recent financial report for investors from Take-Two Interactive has detailed a possible exciting future for the mega corporation. The report states that there are currently unannounced titles from labels that are a part of the Take-Two family – 2K Games and Rockstar as the company’s two biggest studios – and they plan on releasing at least one of these titles by the end of the fiscal year – March 31, 2020. There’s no confirmation or other details pertaining to what these currently unannounced titles could be, so we’ll just have to wait and see what Take-Two’s partnered studios announce in the future.

Red Dead Online Leaves Beta

Rockstar has confirmed that their multiplayer portion to Red Dead Redemption 2, Red Dead Online, has officially exited its beta phase. Along with the absence of the “beta” tag comes a flurry of new features, missions and other updates to the game. Online players will be greeted with new online story missions, Free Roam missions, dynamic events and other gameplay changes, such as the absence of auto-aim towards other online players. While this new update is now live, there’s still plenty of new things to come for the western online experience, as stated by Rockstar.

Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct

Nintendo revealed a brand-new Nintendo Direct showcase earlier this week giving full attention to the upcoming release of Super Mario Maker 2. There were tons of new details shared for the upcoming sequel, including the addition of water level control in created levels, a new co-op creation feature and over 100 pre-made levels that take players through the enduring story mode. You can check out all of the details in the above link which also includes the full Direct showcase from Wednesday’s livestream.

First Raid Debuts In The Division 2

Tom Clancy’s The Divison 2 has received its first Raid update this week, giving players the most challenging mission yet. Operation Dark Hours takes players through the Washington National Airport and has them fending off powerful Black Tusk enemies. The Raid is only available to World Tier 5 players and to those who have previously finished the Tidal Basin update. And, of course, players can expect some high-powered loot upon completing the eight player raid. The new update hit all platforms of The Division 2 this Thursday, May 16 2019.

Three Unannounced Ubisoft Titles To Release Before April 2020

Take-Two isn’t the only video game company teasing fans with unannounced titles as Ubisoft has confirmed the existence of three currently unannounced titles to hit the market before the end of the current fiscal year. There’s tons of expectations as of what some of these titles could include, such as Watch Dogs 3, a new, long-overdue Splinter Cell title, or possibly merely a new Just Dance title.

We do know that Skull & Bones has been pushed back significantly and Beyond Good & Evil 2 has no release date as of now, but both of those titles don’t fall in-line as “unannounced titles”. The new Assassin’s Creed should release in the fall of 2020 (as all other new entries in the series have followed this pattern), so it should be safe to say this won’t be one of them. We also learned last week that they plan on releasing the new Ghost Recon Breakpoint later this year on October 4, 2019. Stay tuned for more details on what Ubisoft is working on, which we should learn more about during their E3 press conference next month.

Microsoft And Sony Announce Cloud Gaming Partnership

Earlier this week, video gaming and entertainment giants Sony and Microsoft announced a new partnership between the two companies. The partnership will allow both Sony and Microsoft to utilize each other’s strengths within the cloud gaming universe, including Microsoft’s Azure datacenters and Sony’s stout image sensors and semiconductors. While the finer details have yet to be revealed, it seems the two mega-corporations are looking to join forces in order to keep the industry out of the iron grasp of cloud gaming newcomers, Google and Apple. Stay tune for more on the new mutual partnership and what this means for the future of gaming.

Microsoft Unveils New Mobile AR Title, Minecraft Earth

Stepping up as what could be the next big gaming trend within the mobile market, Microsoft unveiled Minecraft Earth at the end of the week. Players will be able to dive into a fleshed out AR Minecraft world collecting, building and discovering tons of features buried deep in the new mobile game. Minecraft Earth looks to double up on the monumental success seen by Niantic’s 2016 AR release of Pokemon GO, taking things to incredible new heights with the Augmented Reality tech. Minecraft Earth is expected to see a release in select cities within the US across the summer, with a full launch scheduled later down the line.

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