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Gears 5
Gears 5

Rumor: Gears 5 Release Date and Box Art Leaked

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Microsoft’s line-up for this year and future years is as busy as Sony’s line-up for PS4 exclusive games. Three new flagship titles of Xbox One have been announced last year at E3 2018 and with Forza Horizon 4 releasing last Summer, still fans are waiting for Halo: Infinite and Gears 5. With the first one having no new trailer or teaser after last year’s E3, Coalition’s Gears 5 got a release window of 2019.

Directly after the events of previous title, Gears 5 will start another journey with a special focus on Kate as the main protagonist of the game. On the other side, Coalition has promised a deeper gameplay experience than before with the game’s own e-Sports league coming up after its launch. However, there hasn’t been an official gameplay footage from the game so far and E3 2019 will definitely host an exciting showcase of the game, along with revealing its release date, but the latter seems to be leaked already.

According to a Spanish website called Generacion Xbox, Gears 5 will be available on September 10th this year. The reason that makes us not to ignore the leak is the following box art of the game that doesn’t seem to be fake, though no confirmation has arrived yet from Microsoft.

Gears 5 Box Art

If the leak turns out to be true, it means that in the almost in the same time of the last year that Xbox One owners got Forza Horizon 4, this year they get their hands on Gears 5 through Xbox Game Pass subscription with no need to purchase it from stores.

We will update you on the article as soon as we get new details on that. Don’t forget to follow Gaming Instincts on Twitter if you want to get latest news faster.

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