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Ubisoft Will Release 3 Unannounced Games Till April 2020

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First big announcement of Ubisoft in 2019 happened just a few days ago with Ghost Recon: Breakpoint sneaking into online stealth co-op based titles of this year after the great success of The Division 2 in the first quarter of 2019. But the French publisher still has cards up its sleeve, as the new image from next fiscal year’s schedule reveals.

I don’t how much you know about fiscal years but to teach it in a nut shell, you just need to know that fiscal years starts in July and ends in June. So right now we are the final days of fiscal year 2019 and as soon as July comes up, 2020 will begin. With this brief knowledge you get now, following image for Ubisoft’s next fiscal year’s schedule, reveals that along with Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, there are three other titles that all will be coming until the end of June in 2020.

Ubisoft FY2020

Although nothing has been revealed about the unannounced games so far, it’s not a big deal to guess what they could be. According to all the rumors that have been circulated so far Watch Dogs 3, Splinter Cell and probably Assassin’s Creed: Kingdom. However, some insiders suggest that there will be a totally new IP to be announce at E3 2019, so it might somehow lower the possibility for the reveal of Splinter Cell, or might Ubisoft decide to hold new AC under wraps and reveal it in another event, though based on previous E3 events it seems the second theory couldn’t be true.

However, without any official confirmations or leaked details, we cannot rest assured about Ubisoft’s upcoming projects and line-up for the next fiscal year.

We will update you on the article as soon as we find out new information on unannounced titles. Make sure to follow Gaming Instincts on Twitter if you want to get latest news easier and faster.

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