Red Dead Online Exiting Beta Soon
Red Dead Online Exiting Beta Soon

Red Dead Online Exiting Beta Phase Today [Update]

Update: It appears Rockstar is ready to allow Red Dead Online to exit its beta phase with a massive update starting today. The new update offers tons of new features including new co-op story missions, new Free Roam missions, dynamic events and plenty of game changing elements added to the experience. You can read the entire list of updates which have been detailed by Rockstar here.

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Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two Interactive held their financial investor report recently, and included in the report came details regarding Red Dead Redmeption 2’s Online mode, Red Dead Online. The report detailed that the game’s multiplayer adaption has been performing better than Grand Theft Auto Online did at the same stage”.

The biggest news, however, is that the ongoing phase for the game – which was introduced last November – is currently scheduled to exit beta by the end of the current financial quarter, i.e. by June. While players are still able to play through all available modes during the beta, it seems this news has confirmed that Rockstar has worked out most kinks and are ready to begin introducing a steady flow of updates to keep the game flourishing well-passed its launch.

To follow the official ending of Red Dead Online beta, Take-Two also revealed that a flurry of new content will be released for the online multiplayer feature, further introducing players to new aspects of the game. Similar to GTA Online – which has been ongoing for over five years running – Rockstar and Take-Two plan to support the online western feature for years to come.

Stay tuned for an official date for when Red Dead Online will leave its beta phase, and what type of new features are set to arrive for the game.

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Source: Take-Two Interactive

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