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The Masked Stranger
The Masked Stranger

Sea of Thieves – The Maiden Voyage Tall Tale Guide | Gaming Instincts

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Sea of Thieves introduced its last update for 2019 with the Festival of Giving. With new Christmas-themed events, Ashen Chests, and a new Tall Tale, this new update will give players every reason to stick together and scavenge the Sea of Thieves for both treasure and gifts.

There are new commendations added to the Ashen Treasures Reputation tab, which adds more commendations to unlock more of the Ashen Dragon set through Tomes of Power found through Skull Forts, Fleet Battles, and Ashen Chests. Additionally, there are three Skeleton Lords that may be guarding these treasures: the Two-Faced Scoundrel, The Mutinous Helmsman, and the Duchess that must be defeated at least 25 times each to get the full commendation.

In Mercenary Voyages found in the Taverns, people can do Gift-Seeking voyages to find Humble and Generous gifts found throughout Sea of Thieves. The gifts can be given to the Masked Stranger, who is hiding out in the new Reaper’s Hideout island. Players must deliver 50 of each gift while allowing other players to deliver 30 gifts left on the chairs next to the Masked Stranger. Both parties will get the rewards, if a gift is left for someone else to deliver.

The Maiden Voyage

The Maiden Voyage is the new tutorial voyage that introduces novice players to Sea of Thieves with the help of a Legendary Pirate Lord. The tutorial is straightforward, as the Pirate Lord simply tells the player what to do as he leads them around the island and eventually helps players sail out on their way—but there are other secret commendations and journals to gather in order to unlock everything.

“A Fine Catch” commendation is simple. The Pirate Lord Ramsay gives the player the Old Sailor’s Equipment. Whip out the Fishing Pole and start fishing near the shore or on the nearby ship. Follow the tutorial prompts, catch a fish, and the “A Fine Catch” commendation will be completed.

“A Hearty Meal” requires the player cook a chicken. Since chickens are abundant, go and kill one. In order to cook it, players will have to go back to where they woke up and roast the chicken over the campfire. When the chicken is brown with some steam coming up, it will be ready to pick up along with the “A Hearty Meal” commendation.

“Saluting the Pirate Lord” requires that the player fire a cannon from the top of the shipwrecked Magpie’s Fortune. Players will have to venture to the third level of the wreck, and find a lone barrel full of cannonballs hidden in a corner. Afterwards, climb up the ship’s bow and shoot a cannon over or at this mountain to get the commendation.

Maiden Voyage Salute Captain

Shoot at this mountain to get the commendation

Next up is finding the Pirate Lord’s Secret Hold that’s locked up and needs a key. From the Magpie’s Fortune, look west and use the mast bridge to head toward a pond. There will be some water overflowing from the side, creating a little waterfall. Search in the waterfall-corner of the pond to grab the old Sailor’s Key.

Sea of thieves key

From here, head into the pool and grab the key.

After grabbing the key, head to the broken hull of the ship and look for the staircase to continue. Now stop and look to the right of the hull’s staircase to find the trapdoor, which should give players a total of 25,000 Gold Coins and 200 Doubloons.

Sea of Thieves Hidden Door

You can find the trap door hidden to the right of this staircase.

“Yer Boat” is one of the last commendations, and it’s southeast from the Secret Hold. There’s a waterfall that heads down into the sea revealing another part of the island. Swim along the left side of the island to find some waterfalls covering a cave entrance. Head to the entrance to find the rowboat and receive another tutorial. After completing the tutorial, players should have their commendation.

Hidden Journals

The hidden Journals are one of the more tedious of the commendations to look for as there are 10 scattered all over the island:

  1. Regarding Merfolk – In the northwestern section of the island is where the Captain’s Cabin of the Magpie’s Fortune was left. Swim into the cabin and on the floor lies the first journal.
  2. The Sea of the Damned – From the North Beach where the Pirate Lord is located, head south by southwest towards a small pond filled with a small waterfall with a cave entrance. Head into the waterfall and a skeleton should be next to the journal.
  3. They Gave it a Name – the Magpie’s Fortune has one of the books right near the ship wheel.
  4. Lost Secrets – Still on the Magpie’s Fortune is a mast standing straight up; climb the mast to find “Lost Secrets”
  5. So Near and Yet… – Still on the Magpie’s Fortune is another journal found on the lower levels on the eastern part of the ship. There will be a journal near two resource barrels.
  6. My Secret Plan – Head into the secret hold in the Magpie’s Fortune and the journal will be seen near a chair.
  7. Lords of The Sea – Head to the bridge that connects the two southern parts of the island near the Magpie and go down the ladder at the end heading that way. The book should be found in the corner after climbing down.
  8. Paintings from the Past – Head up the giant rock mountain that is found on the south east side of the island. There will be a path leading up, which will lead to a stool, some drinks, and a journal.
  9. Making Camp – In the southeast of Old Sailor’s Isle, there will be a path that leads to a door with a lever next to it. Use the lever to open up the door and the journal can be found in the open crate.
  10. A Ship that Fits – After continuing along the path of the previous journal, there will be a cavern with a rowboat. There is also a ladder that leads to an iron gate with a journal leaning against the wall.

After all is said and done, players can go back to the Pirate Lord, sail their ship, and head off into the Sea of Thieves. That’s everything that players need to know about completing the Maiden Voyage. Tune in next time for the next Tall Tales Guide for Sea of Thieves.

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