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Borderlands 3 Characters
Borderlands 3 Characters

Borderlands 3 – Top 5 Favorite Legendary Weapons

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Borderlands 3 offers many unique guns, and has over 150 legendary items. After playing the game for a few hours, you will likely find a legendary or two. However, the real hunt for legendaries begins after you complete the story and reach level 50. Once you beat the campaign, you will unlock Mayhem Mode—which increases the difficulty of the game, but rewards players with more experience and loot. Since playing on Mayhem Mode, we’ve had the chance to collect and test out many of the legendary guns Borderlands 3 offers. Here are our top 5 favorite legendary weapons.


This is one of the best submachine guns in the game. It fires 3 projectiles per shot, and is shot in six-round bursts. The fire rate is high, and it is a great choice for short or medium distances. The element for our first drop of the Crossroads was fire, and the second drop was cryo. 


The fire version is better in terms of damage for most builds and classes. This is a go-to weapon, and is great at taking down bosses and adds up to a lot of damage. Crossroads is capable of dealing with all types of enemies, and even the fire version holds up against shielded enemies. A shock version is preferable for taking down shields, but the fire Crossroads can still deplete shields fine.


Lucian’s Call

The Lucian’s Call is an assault rifle that acts as a minigun. It has two barrels that allow for rapid fire without sacrificing too much accuracy. The special ability on this weapon is critical hits return two bullets to your magazine and ricochet two bullets to nearby enemies.This allows you to keep firing for a long time if you hit criticals. The drop we got for Lucian’s Call had the fire element, but the cryo version is great for quickly freezing multiple enemies due to its high fire rate. 


The Flakker

The Flakker is one of the most entertaining weapons to use, and is one of the best as well. It’s a shotgun that shoots explosive rounds a few yards in front of you, and creates a huge blast radius. Using The Flakker with the right Moze build is also insane. Her abilities help make The Flakker overpowered. The Flakker doesn’t require much skill, but it is great for blowing up all your enemies.


The Cutsman

The Cutsman is a submachine gun that gives the Crossroads a run for its money. The downfalls of this gun are charge time and projectile speed. Take away those two big factors, and this would be the best submachine gun in the game. When this weapon is shot, the projectiles stretch horizontally as they travel forward. Firing this gun into a group of enemies is chaotic. Although a fun, powerful gun, it is not the most reliable due to its two downfalls.



Moar Linoge is a pistol and is capable of dealing an immense amount of damage. Like The Cutsman, the downfall of this weapon is projectile speed. The special ability is the fire rate and reload speed are increased when an action skill ends and the rounds ricochet. Linoge is best used in close quarters to make sure the most projectiles hit your target.


There are many more strong legendary weapons (Lyuda, Night Hawkin, Rowens Call)  in Borderlands 3, and these happen to be the best and most fun guns we are using right now. Always consider your playstyle and class when choosing which legendary weapons to use. 

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