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Mercs in Warfare
Mercs in Warfare

Top 5 Best Drop Zones in Call of Duty: Warzone

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Modern Warfare’s Warzone gamemode just released on all platforms and everyone is getting back into Modern Warfare to participate in the battle royale. For players’ first times, this means that many of the drop zones can be tricky as they won’t know which places contain the best loot. Here’s a guide to the Top 5 Best Drop Zones in Call of Duty: Warzone.

#5 Dam

Dam is one of the more dangerous areas of the map as it is a prime area for players to hide, find loot, and camp with a huge vantage point. The topmost area of the Dam hides loot on the main road along with the main buildings, each carrying loot on either side. Additionally, players hiding at the top of the Dam have a huge advantage over anyone below them. Unfortunately, the range is extremely far. If players need a quick escape from the top, they can jump right off and head toward the bottom base of the dam which will have a big building to score some loot. Unfortunately, this area is also a landing hotspot, meaning players should be ready for a fight.

The Base of Dam

If anyone wants to exit from Dam, there’s several areas to escape to. First, players can exit and move toward the Airport’s open area, or even head to the equally dangerous Military Base. If they seem too hot to handle, players can run toward TV Station and loot the houses along the river while making their way there. 

#4 Military Base

The Military Base is exactly that: Military Base filled with plenty of loot boxes, vehicles, and contracts. Additionally, the base acts as a fortress for those who get behind the fortress’s walls. The Military Base is also dangerous since many players love to camp here as well. This makes sense as almost every tent, small building, and warehouse contains a loot cache in them. This means that a squad will be fully stocked once the area is searched. This also means that the area will be menacing on first drop due to the popularity and even running here can be a huge risk as people outside the base can be easily sniped if not careful.

Military Base

Mercs can easily escape from this location with the helicopter and various vehicles around the base. They can either take a turn through the Quarry in order to leave or head to the Airport across the river, which has many houses lined along it.

#3 Downtown

Downtown is the Tavorsk Station map from the Ground War gamemode, but with more loot and hiding spots. Most of the Downtown buildings have several caches and money bags. If players were to climb up the towers, they will find plenty of more loot inside along with a vantage point through the skyscrapers. While it’s not as dangerous as Military Base or Airport, the amount of buildings can lead to a lot of sneaking around as other soldiers can be inside hiding around corners.

Downtown in Warzone

There are a few options to take for players wanting to exit from Downtown. To the West are the Promenade buildings and the Hospital. The Hospital can be good for camping out after taking over Downtown and Promenade East has ample more structures to sort through. If the Gas that surrounds the map takes players to the East, then Farmland will be the next bet as it is one of the more open and safest areas to fight in. 

#2 Airport

The Airport is an iconic area as well as a tactically advantageous one. First, there’s the destroyed main building with a broken rooftop. Inside, there  are more ruined rooms with weapon caches and contracts to complete. If teams manage to get to the rooftop, they can hide within the airport ceiling for an advantageous view of the area. In-between the building and tower area is the crashed airplane. This structure can be scavenged and makes for a nice camping spot. Unfortunately, the area surrounding the airplane is bare so that soldiers can be easily seen if they don’t move covertly.

The airplane in Airport of Call of Duty Warzone

The tower here is another great spot to search through. While the inside has a small share of loot, the top makes for a great vantage point as the area around the tower doesn’t have a lot of cover. Sniping is important in this zone since the surrounding areas is a barren flatland, so keep an eye out on the rooftops and the tower while roaming.

If players want to move from Airport, then they can head South toward Storage Town and the Superstore. Storage Town is big, usually with  a cache in each of the opened storage units. SuperStore also makes for a camping spot  seeing as the store has many shelves to hide among with loot lying around.

#1 Farmland

Farmland is a different locale with some flatlands and rolling hills that surround the group of houses built on the land. With the many houses and barns , players should have little to no problem gathering supplies. Once they’re done looting, they can either set up in one of the houses’ attics  and keep a lookout for surrounding players or use one of the two buy stations.

Scavenging in Call of Duty Warzone in Farmlands

The main downside here is that anyone can hide in the houses and the loot can be limited. Always expect a sniper to be hiding in an attic when looting a house or running outside. If the squad is hiding, then they shouldn’t run around too much aside from the initial looting.

Leaving Farmland is easy. Squads can grab a vehicle and head straight into Downtown or the Port to grab some quick loot. North of Farmland is the similar area Lumber which is also filled with different buildings, but less spread-out.   

What areas do you tend to drop in for Call of Duty: Warzone? Are there any more locations that we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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