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Xbox Controller
Xbox Controller

Xbox Controller Leak Confirms Xbox Series S

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A Twitter user called Zak S has just leaked the new Xbox controller, interestingly, the box of the controller specifies that the device supports Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, confirming the lower end next-gen console.

Fans have been expecting an official confirmation of the long-awaited and rumored Xbox Series S, the cheaper alternative to next-gen gaming. Today Zak S not only confirms its existence, but he also provides an in-depth look at the next-gen controller.

The news outlet, Ars Technica shared the images of the leak with “people familiar with Microsoft’s hardware plans”, the information they receive is that Zak S did provide the real box and the controller are real. Xbox will launch Xbox Series S, but its launch or price is still a mystery.



Xbox Series S seems to be Microsoft’s ace under the sleeve against PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, analysts, insiders, and leakers all claim that PlayStation 5 is looking for a $500 price margin, Xbox Series X would sell for $400, and Xbox Series S could even launch with a much more competitive price with some leakers claiming that Xbox is ready to sell Series S at loss with a suggested $250 retail price.

The Xbox Series S s expected to ditch the optical drive for a more compact design and an overall lower production cost, the console would also have discrete hardware capable of playing next-gen games, delivering around 4 TFLOPs. Series S would still conserve some of the key components that boast the Series X for the next generation.

Xbox Series S is reportedly being tested by Xbox employees. The outlet seems confident to predict that Microsoft might reveal more information about Xbox Series S in future events. Evidence about Xbox Series S also arrives from Microsoft, in late June, security researcher TitleOs, found a ”LockhartProfiling” in Microsoft’s June 2020 Games Development Kit, note that Project Lockhart was the codename for the now confirmed Xbox Series S.

Source: Ars Technica

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