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Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X White Controller Leaked

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A leaked picture of a white Xbox Series X was shared by a now-deleted Reddit account named Wolfy_Wizzardo. The new leak has opened a new debate of whether if the new controller is a special edition, the Xbox Series X will be available on different colors, or if the new controller for the rumored Series S.

The Reddit user claimed to have snapped the photo at a party in Washington state hosted by the child of a Microsoft employee. Before the account deletion, the Reddit account had been commenting and posting about topics in Seattle, Washington for months.

In late June, a security researcher user on Twitter named TitleOs, found a ”LockhartProfiling” in Microsoft’s June 2020 Games Development Kit.

TitleOS explains that the information was “not publicly available”, he found the confirmation of the disc-less console on “the PDF release notes for the GDK (GameCore Development Kit)”.

Interestingly, there seems to be a typo in the codename of the console, “Lockhard”. However, it still confirms that some games might be developed with the following three options:

  • Scarlett Dev Kit: Default, AnacondaProfiling, and LockhartProfiling modes.
  • Xbox One X Dev Kit: Default and Xbox One S modes.
  • Xbox One S Dev Kit: Default Mode.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

WindowsCentral has been one of the leading reporters of the latest information on the Xbox “Lockhart” platform. Representing Microsoft’s replacement for the Xbox One X. Lockhart is expected to ditch the optical drive for a more compact design and an overall lower production cost, the console would also have discrete hardware capable of playing next-gen games, delivering around 4 TFLOPs. Lockhart would still conserve some of the key components that boast the Series X for the next generation. The NVMe storage device is still expected to be present at Xbox Lockhart.

WindowsCentral claims to have heard from insiders that Lockhart is being tested by Xbox employees. The outlet seems confident to predict that Microsoft might reveal more information about Xbox Lockhart at an upcoming showcase of Microsoft’s newest Surface model.

Source: The Verge

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